lack of sleep can make your hormones go haywire

Finally had a taste of it. Waited very long for 172. When it came, I was praying for 975 to reach the bus stop when I alight. Along the path where the army camps are, saw the bus behind! Stood all the way to the bus stop @ Fen’s house. Just when 172 was just 2 bus stops away from Fen’s house, someone had to press the bell! I felt like a fool then. I didn’t alight at the previous stops ‘coz it was too dark, kinda unsafe if I were to alight alone. Arghhh! 975 went past. Feeling pissed with myself, I still alighted at the bus stop, hoping to catch the next 975. Sad to say, the next bus that came wasn’t 975, but 172!!!! Fedup. Decided to take cab home. Guess what.. the cabbie don’t know how to go Bt Panjang from there! :S The trip cost me $6 when normally it costs < $5. =(

Now I’m feeling pissed and tired.

Fast-paced society

In a fast-paced society like ours, how exactly do people who prefer a carefree life or simply slow, survive?

Was walking to LT2A from MLT after a 4-hour stretch of lessons ( was practically a zombie trying to find its way in a continuous stream of students who were heading in the same direction), and I felt lost. Due to the lack of sleep last night, and the skipping of lunch today, I took my own sweet time to find my way ( my friends had already gone to dunno-where ). It was then that I saw a steady stream of students emerging from MLT ( at one end of the academic spint ) and heading towards Canteen A ( at the other end ), everyone was rushing as though time isn’t enough.

I could have chosen to be a lively student today, but tiredness took the better of me. Throughout the short walk, I kept thinking what would happen if I were to fall down ( either due to the slippery floor or over-tiredness ) out of a sudden? The stairs suddenly became an obstacle ( knowing that I slippen down a flight of stairs over a year ago ). What if I fall again ( pun intended ) ?

Felt just like a handicapped person trying to survive this this fast-paced society.

As the 2-hour lecture started, I had difficulty breathing. My chest was feeling tight, and I thought it was burning as I took deep breathes.

And I still felt the same at the end of a stretch of the 6-hour lessons.

And the same that this entry is being posted (10pm).


Thanks Yix! Thanks P!

At least I know that there are ppl who are concerned about me sleeping late. hahaha! Just left Maple =D

Time to sleep!!

Happy Birthday!

To all September babies

Happy Birthday!!!

1st Sep – Aunt Catherine
16 Sep – Van, Weida
17 Sep – Illumina
21 Sep – Eugene (NHSS)
28 Sep – Wolfy

There’s a long list actually.. Happy Birthday to all!!!

Once again..

Monday is here once again..

Don’t feel like sleeping. Just what am I doing??

Don’t feel like doing anything right now, except to stare at my laptop. Been playing games the whole afternoon, Maple – Audition – Maple – Audition. Stopped only 1.5hours ago.

Almost all CE4 students ( who are in my MSN list ) have similar nicks. All concerning FYP. Seems like every1’s lost / stress over it. I know what my project is all about, my problem now is, the experimentation of the program. It’s now the 7th week of school, I’ve been experimenting the program for 7 weeks, and I’ve not made any progress! It’s no wonder my supervisor is stressing me by giving me dateline! I’m dying from it!! Time is not enough!

I always think how happening my friends’ lives are. Where mine’s just school – home – students’ homes. I don’t like this kind of life. Why can’t I be studying for my degree 11 years ago? Jojo’s batch. 3 years course. No direct honours. Why on earth am I studying CE Strike that off, as the modules I’m studying now are software related. Why on earth did I choose such a hard FYP? It was meant to be a challenge for myself, choosing something I’m interested in but have ZERO knowledge on. Haha.. Regretting my decision! And it’s just the 7th week! 9 more months to go!

Think I’m suffering from stress. Why? ‘Coz I realise I’m starting to prefer living a solitary life. I like to sit alone and think to myself. Jialat. That’s so unlike me.

I’ve been telling myself I want to start a new life. Seems like.. hard. I’m trying hard.. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.