lack of sleep can make your hormones go haywire

Finally had a taste of it. Waited very long for 172. When it came, I was praying for 975 to reach the bus stop when I alight. Along the path where the army camps are, saw the bus behind! Stood all the way to the bus stop @ Fen’s house. Just when 172 was just 2 bus stops away from Fen’s house, someone had to press the bell! I felt like a fool then. I didn’t alight at the previous stops ‘coz it was too dark, kinda unsafe if I were to alight alone. Arghhh! 975 went past. Feeling pissed with myself, I still alighted at the bus stop, hoping to catch the next 975. Sad to say, the next bus that came wasn’t 975, but 172!!!! Fedup. Decided to take cab home. Guess what.. the cabbie don’t know how to go Bt Panjang from there! :S The trip cost me $6 when normally it costs < $5. =(

Now I’m feeling pissed and tired.