Fast-paced society

In a fast-paced society like ours, how exactly do people who prefer a carefree life or simply slow, survive?

Was walking to LT2A from MLT after a 4-hour stretch of lessons ( was practically a zombie trying to find its way in a continuous stream of students who were heading in the same direction), and I felt lost. Due to the lack of sleep last night, and the skipping of lunch today, I took my own sweet time to find my way ( my friends had already gone to dunno-where ). It was then that I saw a steady stream of students emerging from MLT ( at one end of the academic spint ) and heading towards Canteen A ( at the other end ), everyone was rushing as though time isn’t enough.

I could have chosen to be a lively student today, but tiredness took the better of me. Throughout the short walk, I kept thinking what would happen if I were to fall down ( either due to the slippery floor or over-tiredness ) out of a sudden? The stairs suddenly became an obstacle ( knowing that I slippen down a flight of stairs over a year ago ). What if I fall again ( pun intended ) ?

Felt just like a handicapped person trying to survive this this fast-paced society.

As the 2-hour lecture started, I had difficulty breathing. My chest was feeling tight, and I thought it was burning as I took deep breathes.

And I still felt the same at the end of a stretch of the 6-hour lessons.

And the same that this entry is being posted (10pm).

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