I almost forgot that I have an assignment due on Monday! *oops*

While I’m trying to rush it out now, got a bit sian of it and decided to take a short break here.

I had a bday wish, I kept looking forward to it for the whole of Thurs, till the clock striked 12 midnight. Expectedly, my wish didn’t come true. Was a little bit sad, but nevermind. There’s always next year, and the next and the next.. till the day the day is being remembered. =D I know a few of my friends have heard me whining about it, it’s unfair that every1 is giving that person the benefit of the doubt. And I’m not feeling any better. =

Shucks.. not going to Wala Wala tmr le.. one of my budz is sick and I don’t feel like going with the other budz and his friends. So officially I’m free tmr! Not exactly though.. Tuition in the morning, meeting Grouser ( are we still meeting up? ) in the afternoon. If time permits, maybe I’ll go ECP. I miss the sea breeze.

Yay XW called! MJ session! Hahha.. but too bad, I’d go if I’ve completed my assignment and no tuition tmr morning.

Hai.. I have been drained of energy ever since school started. I’m constantly having no mood, working only when I’m in the mood to work, and not because I have to work. Lost my motivation in life. In short, I just don’t feel like doing anything at any time.

Where’s my motivation? I need something / someone to help me regain my mood.

Oh did I mention.. that I need a new wallet? The current one is stained with carbon marks. And they can’t be removed!!! *sobz* Arrr my white wallet looks so unglam now!