Happy Bday to WOLFY!!!

Wahhh Wolfy dedicated a post to me, how can I not do that as well? =D

Happy Bday to Wolfy!! She shares the same bday as me!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to youuuuu
Happy birthday to you!!


To be fair.. Happy birthday to the other 28 Sep babies as well!! Jo Koh, Kaixin, Shufen! Knowing they don’t read my blog, but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I almost forgot.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOY JOY!!!!! Yeah my 1 yr old cousin!!! =D

Thanks Yix & Fen for the great time 2nite!

It really feels weird to be officially 25! I’m a quarter-century old!!

Had a great time with Yix & Fen just now! Thanks for the mini celebration! =D Dinner was at Hogs Breath Cafe @ Holland V. The food was actually so-so, tried it out ‘coz it was newly opened (with the first outlet at Chijmes). Dessert at HaƤgen Das! Yummy!!

The best present now, something which I’m still waiting for, is a simple sms greeting from him. Not putting any high hopes on that, ‘coz I doubt he remembers the day. =|

Met Feli on the bus again. I should learn from her, she had been going school religiously this week to study till 10pm!

Did I mention, for the 2nd day in a row, I can’t do any FYP in lab? Yesterday I had problem opening the software due to the number of users exceeded. And today, the TOOLBOX exceeded the max number of users! If this continues to go on, how do I do my FYP? Feeling so unmotivated now!