Was reading Jiawen’s blog and found interesting quotes. Went to disturb her and she gave me this link instead.

Love this quote she gave me:
do you believe in love at first sight or do you want me to walk pass you again?


Finally lived this design. Spent quite sometime inserting those links. =|

Orangy theme, something different from the piano theme you’ve seen from day 1 sunshine is lived 3 years ago. Wah… I’ve been blogging for 3 years+?? Amazing how I can keep this interest alive, knowing that usually my interest in anything lasts for only 3 mins sometimes.

It had been a long way for me here. Started blogging @ blog-city, which the account I still hold for certain topics. Moved on to xanga, livejournal.. you name it, I have it. Come to think of it, my very first blogging account was with dairyland? An account I setup when I was still studying in TP. Haha.. didn’t like the idea of blogging back then, think it has collected layers of dust to date.

It striked upon me one day that I should have my own domain, main intention is to host my portfolio ( which, sad to say, I’ve not done anything about the portfolio YET ). My first step was to create a blog database, which was provided free by the hosting company. That was how sunshine.cloudie.net came about. For three years, being a lousy designer, I stuck with the piano theme, since it look simple and nice. The only minus point about it is, I had to manually convert chinese characters to unicode format before uploading.

Cut the story short. It’s getting pretty boring. =D

Anyway new theme, new layout. Removed some links, added nothing. The sunshine fits just so in-line with the orangy theme. Fits perfectly!


就是那场雨, forced me to go home. Initially planned to study in school till dinner time, the rain came, the wind came. It got so cold, I decided to call it a day. Studied for only 1.5 hours, if you don’t include the 3 hrs spent on travelling. Wat a waste of precious time. =(