What a teacher..

Been hearing this for the past 2 years..

My sis is now in Pri 6. PSLE’s around the corner, in less than 3 weeks’ time. She’s the first batch of students with EM1/2 scraped off. Her current class is the 2nd best class, with a mixture of EM1/2 standard students.

Sad to say, her Pri 4 form teacher Mr P became the form teacher of the best class. Mr T became her form teacher instead.

Mr T didn’t give me a good impression. Despite being my sis’s form teacher for 2 years. I’ve never seen him before, but I’ve heard lots.

Last year’s Teachers’ Day, he appointed a student to find out which student gave him what present, so that he can give them Children’s Day present. <-- Have you seen this kind of teacher before? This year wasn't any better. Days before Teachers' Day, he said to his students: Teachers' Day is coming, remember to buy gifts. <-- Have you seen this kind of teacher before? Mr T has a very bad temper. Even though the kids didn't do anything wrong, they get scolded for nothing. You know kids.. Especially Pri 6 students. It's a period where they are going through puberty. They learn from their teachers. After 2 years under Mr T, my sis has got a temper as bad as him. They just got back their prelim results. Guess what? The class with a mixture of EM2/3 students have a better overall result than my sis's class. haha.. Lagi best.. Mr T told his class: "Your prelim results already told you your standard. If you're lousy, you're lousy, beyond cure." Other teachers of other classes are having remedial lessons, with each lesson exceeding the expected time. Mr T? Letting them off half hour, one hour early?! Slacker! How can your students produce better results this way? How can the school assign such a teacher to a good class? How can MOE allow such a teacher to exist?!