Once again..

Monday is here once again..

Don’t feel like sleeping. Just what am I doing??

Don’t feel like doing anything right now, except to stare at my laptop. Been playing games the whole afternoon, Maple – Audition – Maple – Audition. Stopped only 1.5hours ago.

Almost all CE4 students ( who are in my MSN list ) have similar nicks. All concerning FYP. Seems like every1’s lost / stress over it. I know what my project is all about, my problem now is, the experimentation of the program. It’s now the 7th week of school, I’ve been experimenting the program for 7 weeks, and I’ve not made any progress! It’s no wonder my supervisor is stressing me by giving me dateline! I’m dying from it!! Time is not enough!

I always think how happening my friends’ lives are. Where mine’s just school – home – students’ homes. I don’t like this kind of life. Why can’t I be studying for my degree 11 years ago? Jojo’s batch. 3 years course. No direct honours. Why on earth am I studying CE Strike that off, as the modules I’m studying now are software related. Why on earth did I choose such a hard FYP? It was meant to be a challenge for myself, choosing something I’m interested in but have ZERO knowledge on. Haha.. Regretting my decision! And it’s just the 7th week! 9 more months to go!

Think I’m suffering from stress. Why? ‘Coz I realise I’m starting to prefer living a solitary life. I like to sit alone and think to myself. Jialat. That’s so unlike me.

I’ve been telling myself I want to start a new life. Seems like.. hard. I’m trying hard.. Maybe I’m not trying hard enough.