habits.. are they really hard to change?

Was about to log off when I decided to just pop by Cruz Teng’s blog. When I visited it in the evening, there was only this article and 2 comments.. The entry was about LingZhi’s last day @ 933. The number of comments shot up to 70 at last check.

If you guys have been listening to 933 for many years now, LingZhi’s the creator of Music Diary, which happened to be my die-die-also-must-listen programme of 933.

Read through all the 70 comments.. Every1’s talking about the same thing.. not going to get used to w/o hearing LingZhi’s voice on air.

Actually a couple of months back, when I heard LingZhi said she had made a decision that might affect her future, I kind-of suspected that she’s leaving the station.

Reading through the 70 comments.. a thought suddenly came to me. When it becomes a habit to do something, is it really that hard to change it? We’re all used to hearing Cruz & LingZhi’s combi on air. They have lots of chemistry and always bring laughter to the listeners. I’m not saying that I’m affected by LingZhi’s absence on air lah.. But looking at the response at Cruz’s blog, it seems like most listeners got too used to hearing the same voices on air.

hmmz.. just what exactly am I trying to say here?

(ponders.. think I’m getting too tired)

Will definitely miss hearing LingZhi’s voice on air. Wishing LingZhi all the best 😉


how great.. I didn’t bring my notes to study! I actually planned to bring, but left house in a hurry =(

So now.. I’m wasting my time.. ggrrrr

I’m still not used to having a maid around at home. I need crash course on Bahasa Melayu.

Jkai said I’ve not been updating here as often as I did. Was busy lah.. After the overnight mahjong session, was stressed up over the Neural assignment that was due the next day. It took my laptop 2 hours to run the script. Ran the script 3-4 times, only to realise that my codes were done wrongly!! -_-”

There will be fewer updates from now on.. Full gear to exam preparation! Will be back in full action after 22nd Nov!

oh great


I’m not allowed to sleep. Mum woke up just to tell me to supervise the maid while she hangs the laundry out. =(

And my great sis just rejected my invitation to go for a jog.

Oh great..

another sinful night

yes again.. this time round, I was busy playing mahjong instead.. ahha!

Think I’ve accumulated too much bad karma these days.. I’ve been on a losing streak! =(

Summary of the first day of e-learning week..
Went school to do Neural Networks assignment, only to realise that we can’t use the toolbox in Matlab. Haiz.. Lucky Fen brought her laptop adapter! Since I didn’t bring mine, we shared hers! Quite a productive afternoon @ SCR, except that.. someone, I can’t remember who, suggested going AMK for crabs!! OMG.. And so.. we proceeded to AMK Ave 3 B232 for crabs! Waited till slightly before 9pm before we were served our dishes. Yummy crabs!!

Reached home after 2 sessions of mahjong, at 5+am. Less than 30mins from now actually.. Saw the kitchen lights on when I stepped into the house, and I thought who didn’t off the lights.. All 3 lights were on, quite a rare scenario in my house, given that I trained everyone to save electricity.. Walked in to check, only to realise a stranger in the bathroom doing laundry!

Shocked me stood there for less than 1 sec lah.. ahhaha.. I may be bad at remembering important things, but I do remember that Elaine jie has offered to put her new maid at my house till the current one goes back to Indonesia. Yeah! Which means to say I’m freed from doing housework for a few days! Seriously speaking ah.. it really is tiring doing housework! I’ve been struggling between school, gaming, studying, housework and soon-to-be cooking for the past 2 weeks. Oh not to forget, painting! It is tiring tiring tiring!

Thanks Elaine jie again!! Though it’s just a few days.. but still.. 谢谢!

It’s almost 6am. Tired.. *yawnz*

it’s a compricrated story

Received a call frm MS at 1.30am. Brought back memories.. much as I want to get over the incident that happened a year ago, which I’d already did btw, she had me telling her the story from my view. A story which I thought only involved me & E, a new character has appeared. The story’s getting more and more compricrated..

Poor E’s all alone in another part of the world, all we can do for her is to find out what exactly happened. Seriously speaking, it really is not worth the time and effort spent on the lead actor. Just pray that E is strong enough to survive through this crisis.

I don’t know if the above paragraphs contain any obvious details of the storyline. I do know of the presence of unwanted visitors to this site, but.. do I really have to care? It’s the lead actor who had let us down in the first place.. shouldn’t the story be well-published? So that there won’t be any additional characters to the story?

But still, since I’ve found the courage to take a step out of that incident, I believe E & MS can also do it. jiayou!

another sinful night

Lolx.. My jaw hurts from too much laughter!

Weiying intro-ed me to the korean variety show x-man, where Yun Eun Hye ( Chae Kyung in Goong ) is one of the guests. Watched a few episodes of it on youtube, it’s so funny!! Gonna continue watching after exams!! Shall wait for her to pass me all the episodes! lol!

Back to my neural assignment!

And I thought I was living in the palace..

Heh hey!!! I’m back home much much earlier than the guys bcoz I din stay for the chalet lah!

Think the guys are enjoying themselves now! ahahahha Wanna thank the guys for organising this chalet! And special thanks to them for making us girls feel like princess-es tonight! Yeah man.. the world has changed! It’s no longer the girls standing by the pit doing the bbq-ing. *winkz*

All we girls did.. were to arrive promptly, sit at the table, wait for food to be served, get entertained by the guys while drinking some wine, while having the guys taking turns to fan us. whaahhahaha! Shiok eh!

Alright! Some photos I took with my camera!

The wines that we drank..

Being bo-liao, I got Henry to pose for the camera while eating the ice-cream! *lolx*

There should be more photos.. wait till the guys get back from the chalet!


English Version

Give Me A Little Try

You don’t know me yet.
You only know so little.
I don’t know that much, I just want to stay by your side, holding your hand.

The face reflected in your eyes is expressing it’s feelings.
It’s not too late (just give me a little try)

high high we’ve just gotta try like this
I don’t need another path to travel
your kiss that I’ve wanted for so long
is the beginning of my love.

There’s no way that you don’t know you’re the
person always spinning in my heart.
Don’t go too far, just wait a moment so I can approach you.

Why does everything always come so suddenly like fate?
(Just give me a little try)

high high waiting takes so long
and I know that I’m you’re only one
I close my eyes and kiss
give me a little try
just give me a little try
every turn with me

Take my hand so that we can be together forever, now that you’ve come to my side.

high high we’ve just gotta try like this
and I don’t need another path to travel
your kiss that I’ve wanted for so long
is the beginning of my love.

just give me a little try

《宫 – 野蛮王妃》 theme song : Perhaps Love (Sarang Een Ga Yo)

Sarang Een Ga Yo

uhn jeh yuht duhn guhn jee gee uhk nah jeen ah nah
jah kkoon nae muh ree gah nuh roh uh jee ruhp duhn shee jahk
hahn doo buhn ssheek dduh oh reu duhn saeng gahk
jah kkoo neul uh gah suh joh geum dang hwang seu ruh oon ee mah eum

byuhl eel ee ah neel soo eet dah goh
sah soh hahn mah eum ee rah goh
nae gah neh geh jah koo (neh geh jah koo)
mahl eul hah neun geh uh saek hahn guhl

sarang een gah yo geu dae nah wah gaht dah myuhn shee jahk een gah yo
mahm ee jah koo geu dael sarang hahn dae yo
ohn seh sang ee deud doh rohk soh ree chee neh yo
wae ee jeh yah deul lee jyoh~ OOH~
suh rohl mahn nah gee wee hae ee jeh yah sarang chah jaht dah goh

jee geum nae mah eum eul suhl myung hah ryuh hae doh
nee gah nae gah dweh uh mahm eul neu kkee neun bang buhp ppoong een deh

ee mee nahn nee ahn eh eet neun guhl
nae ahn eh nee gah eet deu shee
oo reen suh roh eh geh (suh roh eh geh)
ee mee geel deul yuh jeen jee mohl lah

sarang een gah yo geu dae nah wah gaht dah myuhn shee jahk een gah yo
mahm ee jah koo geu dael sarang hahn dae yo
ohn seh sang ee deud doh rohk soh ree chee neh yo
wae ee jeh yah deul lee jyoh~ OOH~
suh rohl mahn nah gee wee hae ee jeh yah sarang chah jaht dah goh

saeng gahk hae boh myuhn (saeng gahk hae boh myuhn) mah neun soon gahn sohk eh (sohk eh)
uhl mah nah mah neun (YEAH~) suhl leh eem ee ssuht neun jee
joh geum neu jeun geu mahn keum nahn duh jahl hae jool kkeh yo..

hahm kkeh hahl kkeh yo choo uhk ee dwehl gee uhk mahn suhl mool hahl kkeh yo
dah sheen nae gyuh teh suh dduh nah jee mah yo
jjahl beun soon gahn joh chah doh bool ahn hahn guhl yo
nae geh muh mool luh jwuh yo~ OOH~
geu dael ee ruh geh mah nee (geu toh rohk mah nee)
sarang hah goh ee ssuh yo (geu dae yuh yah mahn) ee mee~

it’s freaking me out

The unseen tension.. the stress that has been showered upon me.. the endless work to do.. somehow everything has changed. The changes had been quite sudden, and it’s freaking me out. No one taught me how to handle this situation. Not that I don’t care, but no one taught me how to.

I might fall apart anytime soon. Why must everything happen at the same time?