What a dream..

Gal A and Guy B were classmates in school. Gal had a crush on Guy back then. Till now Gal has been consistently giving Guy her support in whatever Guy does.

One day, Gal chanced upon Guy’s diary. In one particular entry, Guy wrote about a gal called XiaoAi, who had been with him for many years and constantly giving him her support. Guy wrote that he is grateful to her.

Guy’s friends knew about XiaoAi, but also knew that it was not the real name, but a nickname given by Guy. At a recent class gathering, being mutual friends, Guy’s friends keep hinting that XiaoAi is actually Gal A.

Both of them kept quiet and did not have any response.

What a dream. Details of it were remembered so clearly that I knew at once who Guy & Gal was. But just what does the dream mean?

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