Panda Eyes!

It’s the first time I’m having panda eyes =( And I realised it only when I reached home at 10+pm. OMG the panda eyes looked so obvious even with makeup on!

The quiz this morning was a killer. No one remembered there’s a quiz until the lecturer bombed us during Tues lecture. 3 late nights didn’t help. I still died in today’s quiz.

So tired that I decided to come back home and rest, and to complete the remaining part of the assignment.

I guessed the contact lens played a part in making my eyes tired. It’s almost due to make a new pair. Probably I should get a half-year supply and put on standby first. The current permanent ones is almost dying.

If things go smoothly, I should be able to graduate this May. *fingers crossed* Time to work out my finances and figure out the best way of clearing the bank loan.

Sounds quite random, but the thought of blogging this came to my mind. Met up with Grouser for dinner at suntec! We didn’t realise it’s natas fair now, suntec is so crowded! Gd thing we met as early as 5pm, so we had fish & co for dinner! With no difficulties finding seats! xD Aimless walking around suntec after that. We ended up buying voodoo dolls for each other! Hahaha.. Got her one for career advancement, and she got me a studies charm! woohoo! It’s now hangly nicely on my Z610i! xD

Was a long wait for bus 960 after that. The last time I waited at the very same bus stop for the same bus, I waited 30mins and took cab in the end. Waited 40mins for the bus 2dae. i seriously wonder how thebus company plans the schedule. 40mins is too long a wait, especially when it’s a Sun evening ( the previous time I was there ) and a Friday night at Esplanade. So pissed off.

Suddenly I feel tired of studying. Sometimes there are things that I longed to do, but can’t do due to constraints. Discouraged as I may be, I strongly believe I can overcome these challenges no matter how tough they can be.

Ganbatte! I need all the courage and beliefs that I can find =)