Late Night Supper

Prior to dinner, I kopped lots of shows from budz. Thanks! =D

Dinner was at Bedok yet again! Standard wasn’t as good as it wasn’t the chief chef doing the cooking. But the company was good. My 2 budz + Eric. Haha.. Couldn’t decide what we wanted to do after dinner, think we sat at that table for quite long before I saw Ah Qi! Think I haven’t seen her for 2 yrs? The last time was when I met her for lunch at her workplace. Whaahha! Great catching up with her while the 3 guys decide where to next.

Finally decided on pool! Went down Selegie and waited quite long again, all places full! Got our table at Pool Fusion at 9+? As usual, I sat there watching the 3 of them play until 12 b4 we met Eric’s neighbour for supper at some tong shui cafe @ Liang Seah St. Prob the next time I should have a go at pool. next time. =X

Dead tired by the time I reached home at 2.10am.

阿沁 Real – 其实还爱你 Qi Shi Hai Ai Ni


我讨厌阴天的风 冰的那么刺通


每一夜闭上眼睛 我看到了恶魔
天空是开一道裂缝 世界刻到我心中
不想装作脆弱 也不想爱的懦弱

其实我非常爱你 不想失去你
难道我没有权利 说我不愿意
你给了他的吻 虽然只有一吻
可知道我渴望抓住 你的心

我知道他很爱你 你怕他伤心
我每天假装开心 害怕你离去

可不可以任性 求求你不要去
总在我心里 最后一句

阿沁 Real & 李玖哲 Nicky – 记得爱 Ji De Ai


天空不断下着无声的雪 而我只有思念 勉强能温暖黑夜
拥抱离我已经千山万水 每个男人都有 说不出的心碎

我还爱着一个人 但愿 回到美好的从前
也许痛的感觉 证明了爱的深浅

记得爱 所有幸福的片段 所以才已经忘记要离开
伸出手 继续勇敢付出我的爱
原地不动的等待 就算风把我的头发吹乱

记得爱 是我给我的答案
就不再 考虑应该不应该
一滴泪 落进无边无际的答案
就算我们都 活的没有遗憾


A Trip to the East 《东游记》

“Dinner tomorrow?”
“Steady! Where?”
“I’ll pick you up at Redhill lah”
“Ok steady!”

6pm. Redhill MRT.
6.10pm. Tanjong Pagar to pick budz up.

6.50pm. Bedok e.BlackBoard! Serves western food. Check out the menu below.

e.BlackBoard menu pg1

e.BlackBoard menu pg2

7.30pm. Food arrived. Yummy! Looking at the serving (er I didn’t take any photos with my camera as it was too dark, and my camera is still at Turkey). This was what we had:

e.BlackBoard receipt

3 people having western food at a coffeeshop at a total cost of $38! Sounds freaking expensive but trust me, the food is FANTASTIC! Restaurant food at coffeeshop price! The serving for their Pork Ribs is HUGE. xDD

8pm. Feeling VERY full. Deciding on next destination.

Tah dah! This was where we went!

Can’t see clearly? LoL.. Pretty obvious eh? Here’s another obvious hint!

Yes yes this was where we went!

Wahahah! Since we went ECP the previous time, we decided to check out Changi Airport this time! Walked around T1 Arrival & Departure halls, then to T2. I’d always loved going to the airport, it’s such a good destress-ing place for me xD Seeing the anxious family members waiting for their loved ones to exit the gate, seeing other family members sending their loved ones overseas.. It’s just so窝心 =) If not for the fact that the airport is at the other end of the island, and that it takes me a good 1.5hrs to reach by public transport, I’d have visit the place much more frequently.

Still feeling full, the 2 guys decided to have dessert @ Swensons. Long queue! LoL! Ended up having sundae pies @ Burger King. hahha!

Back home at 11.30pm, still feeling very full, I had soup and supper waiting for me! Supper was a packet of DURIAN!!! *blurps* I’ve yet touched it, ‘coz I’m still feeling so full now! =X

It’s time to do something

MY laptop went weird. Suddenly my firefox bookmarks/preferences gone. My msn’s display pic got changed back to the previous DP i was using. Strange.

Gotta find all those bookmarks again. all gone!! =(

It’s time to format laptop. haiz.

Sweet Chicken Porridge!

Finally joined my SCE khakis for supper. LoL! Sweet Chicken Porridge @ Balestier! *blurps* Thankful that the pot with the least spiciness was reserved for me. hahaha! Else I think my stomach’s gonna complain!

Nice food, nice company. Enjoyable due to the amount of jokes cracked, the bai-kah joke that Fen, her bro & me said the exact same statement in unison. Hahah! Freaking lame siah!

Fen: “Oh my house there got 鲨鱼粥 (sha1 yu2 zhou1) , Sharks’ fin porridge”
KS: “鲨鱼粥?”
Fen: “Ya!”
Phee: “but it’s normal fish mah”
Fen, her bro, me: “ya lah! 杀-鱼-粥 mah! ” (same prononciation, but means kill-fish-porridge)

*laughs out loud* Really bai-kah joke!

2 more!

I’m tired. Physically tired. Having headache from lack of sleep. *yawnz*

Prob I should sleep soon.


A relief taxi driver got into an accident at night. The next morning, police loitered around the taxi, hoping to bring the taxi driver back to the station for investigations. And the taxi owner Uncle Y couldn’t work ‘coz the taxi was held back by the police. Which means no income for the cabby till the taxi is released by the police. Imagine if you’re the owner of the taxi, and saw police waiting by ur taxi that was parked below your HDB flat. =| But still, no one knows what exactly happened between the hospitalised driver and the relief cabby, friends of each will definitely side by their friend/relative. Who’s right, who’s wrong, the judge decide? Much as I dun understand this logic behind, I still hope the patient gets out of consciousness and let the cabby owner be back on the road. Uncle Y is the innocent one =| I’ve no updates frm Uncle Y whether he’s back on the road or not, but I seriously hope the patient gets well soon.

Funerals.. the 6th one within 6 weeks. Seems like it’s the season? Especially with Qing Ming last weekend. And I’m still haunted by the thoughts of life after death. Probably not as scary as the last time, but the fear is still there =(

Feeling hot, tired and hungry. The weather seems funny recently.

老师早! 同学们好! 我们开始上课了!


老师早 同学们好

老师早 同学们好

老师早 同学们好
老师早 同学们好