I wonder if the series of having low self-esteem and low self-confidence is a sign of depression.

The whole day 2dae felt like it was a dream. Project meeting in the morning, FYP meeting in the afternoon. As I was heading back home on the bus, it suddenly ocurred to me that I had totally no recap of the nitty gritty details of what happened prior to that. I felt lost and tired. Was stoning throughout the whole journey, still awed with the amount of work left undone. It was then when I asked myself if these are signs of depression. I’m already on the verge of breaking down, especially after the episode.

Felt like I was in a dream, somehow in a way or other, I managed to find my way home.

Concussed the moment I reached home. Gosh it was a long time since I last felt so tired. I practically didn’t feel like waking up for dinner when my dad attempted to wake me up by shaking the bunk bed.

I need a break.