ups and downs

It is scary when you think of death in the middle of a lecture. The thought just flashed by and almost scared me. ><

Had been a tiring day, must have been due to the lack of sleep. I can see the dark eye rings getting obvious – a sign that I’m really catching up on age.

Life for the past week(s) had not been going very smoothly, with hiccups here and there. No motivation to blog about happy things. Perhaps I’ve been thinking too much, but the low self-esteem and self-confidence seems to be increasing at an alarming speed. Some may think I dun give a damn about certain things, truth is my approach towards it is different. I don’t like to argue, since I always lose the argument all the time. Which always ended up me being silent even though I’ve been accused of doing things that I didn’t do. My self-esteem and self-confidence had been greatly affected, and it feels worse to bottle everything inside.

And I feel lonely ‘coz there isn’t anyone whom I can talk this to. =(