around 12+pm, Jkai said his sliding door moved by itself and suspected an earthquake. I suspected Indonesia.

around 2.10pm, my house shook. I hv no suspicions this time. earthquake-after-effects delayed 2 hours from where Jkai stays? LoL

it’s exciting. I almost thought of evacuating as I stayed in the upper floors of the block. ahhaha

ChannelNewsAsia confirmed the earthquake at 12+ to be at Indonesia. 6.6 on the Ritcher scale.



And so it confirmed. 2nd round of tremors. OMG. Pray for the people affected.


More news:

1426hrs – Second round of tremors felt in Singapore at 1.50pm

1403hrs – Nine killed in Sumatra quake, hundreds of buildings collapse

1214hrs – Tremors felt in Singapore after quake rocks Sumatra


Disclaimer:  This entry may not be “suitable” for your eyes. It contains vulgarities and does not represent the normal me. It serves as a channel for me to vent my frustration.


It’s damn pissing when you realise your FYP pc has been restarted by some idiots.

Fark! It’s FYP pc! It’s an allocated pc for the project! And bloody hell it’s locked by the owner! Farking idiot went to press the restart button! Bloody hell I saw you restarting another FYP pc!

I’m not being a racist, but farking indian can you show some respect ? FYP pc being locked means the owner is running some programs that need to run for a long time.

I’m damn pissed. I already kept an eye close when you eat and drink in the lab WITHOUT clearing your rubbish. I kept an eye closed when my surrounding is infested by the so many of you. I kept an eye closed when you guys are not working on anything but watching shows! Damn irritating when people are doing their fyp! Fark!

I’m definitely not against Indians, but it really is damn pissing when I have to redo quite a hell lot of stuff coz that farking idiot restarted my fyp pc.

Fark fark fark!