A recent turn of events made me think deeper into the word death. Part and parcel of life, you may say.

Recently I keep thinking about how life will be like when I’m old. When I’m an old and fragile woman, difficulties in walking, will the society still be the same? Will I be able to travel to and fro as freely as I can now?

What if I’m already on my deathbed? What is the kind of feeling when you’are about to stop breathing?

2 funerals at my void deck on the same day. Got me thinking if there’s after-life. When the next time I come back to earth, will things still be the same? it is at times like this that I wish I have someone to hug me and say that everything’s alright.

I wish these thoughts will go away soon. They’re taking away all my courage in life, not to mention the unseen stress that has been showered upon me at school.

Confidence level has dropped drastically these days, due to you-know-what. Ask me if you want to know. I hate things as they are right now, but life still goes on.

Where did all my courage go to?

2 Replies to “Death”

  1. *pat pat*… life is a journey and it is cyclical in nature. the end of this journey is merely the beginning of another. relish this journey for it comes by only once.

  2. courage is to be mustered not to be searched…its like how we as a baby mustered the courage to start walking even though we might fall…life is short, cherish it, live to ur fullest…

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