Did I just mess things up again?

This was my MSN nick last night.

For the first time, I felt so helpless. =(

My sec sch is having her 90th anniversary celebrations in July this year. Fren A was trying to form a table for our class, and so he asked if I wanna join him.

I thought, why not? It’s a rare chance for everyone to meet up again! And it’s 10 years since we graduated! (gosh I really do sound old, do I?)

So fine.. Few days later, another classmate from the same class Fren B, asked if I’m going back for the dinner.

All I replied was, “yup my name’s under Fren A’s table, wanna join us? A’s trying to form a table for our class.”

And I don’t know why Fren B sounds so agitated, and insisted he will form his own table since Fren A didn’t inform him about forming a class table.

Tell me what did I do wrong this time? I felt so bad.. My whole intention was to form a class table! Guessed I messed things up this time round.

Sometimes, I feel that the f word seem to be the best word to describe how I’m feeling. Especially when I’m pissed with myself, at times like this. =(

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