Nan Hua Secondary School

Got a call from Junyang yesterday. It ended up with me trying to contact our classmates.

And that fateful night (that’s last night), I dreamt that we were all back as students of Nan Hua Secondary School.

The same old (demolished) building. The same old classroom that we studied in, as sec 4 students. The same old uniform that we wore. The same old classroom layout. The same old faces.

On the chalkboard, are updates of each and everyone of us. Latest contact number and where we all are working.

Oh man I miss you guys. Shall we have a get-together soon?

Congratulations Yusheng & Liting!

Attended Yusheng & Liting’s wedding dinner tonight!

Supposedly I had 2 wedding dinners to attend, but had to sacrifice one. Yusheng’s the lucky one! 🙂

It must have been fate to be classmates for 4 years. Secondary school days are always the most memorable days for most of us. Wasn’t close to them during school days, very surprised that the 2E4 guys never fail to include me in their gatherings in the recent years. Loved hanging out with them, the lame jokes from them. They never fail to make me laugh! But I’ve been told I didn’t laugh loud enough! *faints*

Truth to say, it’s a little awkward when the whole group are guys, and I’m the only female (excluding their gfs). But it’s all in the name of fun. I don’t keep in constant contact with them, it’s heartwarming that I’m remembered as the class monitor (monitress), and that their gfs knows me by name too! Really very touched, thanks guys!

Had a fun night tonight, the thumbprint joke made my night. haha!

Will upload photo(s) when I get from the guys.

The class monitress signing off.

NTU EEE Night 2008

Hello Mr Ang. If you’re reading this post, these are the videos uploaded by your fans. Have not seen you for quite sometime, when will we ever have a class gathering with you present? =D

been there.

After a long 1 year break from the alumni.. I went back *reluctantly* on Friday for mid-autumn festival celebration.

Like what I told T on msn just now, I’ve been hiding, but now I’ve got no more excuses to hide. Really glad I took this break, it gave me a chance to concentrate 100% on other stuff, especially school work (not that I excelled in it).

I’m still reluctant to participate in activities now. Too used to my own life now. I’m not going to let the alumni rule my life again, it’s time for me to control my time spent at the alumni.

Well, I think I made the alumni sound like the bad guy. I didn’t mean it that way, just that I think I’ve lost the passion I had for the school. Reality struck after graduation from university.

My recent favourite phrase : *angry*

Angry with myself. For being too good-tempered. For being easily bullied. I feel angry, but I do not show it. Disappointed with myself.

Rob Thomas – Little Wonders

Soundtrack from “Meet The Robinsons”

let it go,
let it roll right off your shoulder
don’t you know
the hardest part is over
let it in,
let your clarity define you
in the end
we will only just remember how it feels

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

let it slide,
let your troubles fall behind you
let it shine
until you feel it all around you
and i don’t mind
if it’s me you need to turn to
we’ll get by,
it’s the heart that really matters in the end

our lives are made
in these small hours
these little wonders,
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away,
but these small hours,
these small hours still remain

all of my regret
will wash away some how
but i can not forget
the way i feel right now

in these small hours
these little wonders
these twists & turns of fate
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away but these small hours
these small hours, still remain,
still remain
these little wonders
these twists & turns of fate
time falls away
but these small hours
these little wonders still remain

Junyang in 林宇中’s Music Video

Junyang’s in this MV!


(男)你变得像他一样沉默 偶尔也像他一样活泼
连笑声也都一样 我怎么忘 也忘不过一秒
我想要爱 却看到他离开的刹那

(女)你将爱情带走 留我一个分手的魔咒
叫我伤得彻底 不敢再妄想 谁的温柔
看我的眼神闪躲 我知道你有话 不能说
我该如何假装 心才不隐隐作痛

(合)你说分手后 你(我)第一次有想爱的念头
可是眼前的是他还是你(我) 还在争夺
却又无法 (合)解开这魔咒
无数次的复活 (女)我只要你爱我

(男)远远看你勇敢在心头 靠近一点却又太懦弱
(女)不拆穿你的困惑 爱不了我(你)
(合)至少不要难过 任何结果
我会点头 只要你快乐

(女)你将爱情带走 留我一个分手的魔咒
叫我伤得彻底 不敢再妄想 谁的温柔
看我的眼神闪躲 我知道你有话 不能说
我该如何假装 心才不隐隐作痛

(合)分手了以后 (你)第一次有想爱的念头
可是眼前的是他还是你(我) 我(你)还在争夺
(男)我不想给你承诺 又无法(女)解开这魔咒

无数次的复活 我只要你爱我
无数次的复活 我只要你爱我

Did I just mess things up again?

This was my MSN nick last night.

For the first time, I felt so helpless. =(

My sec sch is having her 90th anniversary celebrations in July this year. Fren A was trying to form a table for our class, and so he asked if I wanna join him.

I thought, why not? It’s a rare chance for everyone to meet up again! And it’s 10 years since we graduated! (gosh I really do sound old, do I?)

So fine.. Few days later, another classmate from the same class Fren B, asked if I’m going back for the dinner.

All I replied was, “yup my name’s under Fren A’s table, wanna join us? A’s trying to form a table for our class.”

And I don’t know why Fren B sounds so agitated, and insisted he will form his own table since Fren A didn’t inform him about forming a class table.

Tell me what did I do wrong this time? I felt so bad.. My whole intention was to form a class table! Guessed I messed things up this time round.

Sometimes, I feel that the f word seem to be the best word to describe how I’m feeling. Especially when I’m pissed with myself, at times like this. =(

And I thought I was living in the palace..

Heh hey!!! I’m back home much much earlier than the guys bcoz I din stay for the chalet lah!

Think the guys are enjoying themselves now! ahahahha Wanna thank the guys for organising this chalet! And special thanks to them for making us girls feel like princess-es tonight! Yeah man.. the world has changed! It’s no longer the girls standing by the pit doing the bbq-ing. *winkz*

All we girls did.. were to arrive promptly, sit at the table, wait for food to be served, get entertained by the guys while drinking some wine, while having the guys taking turns to fan us. whaahhahaha! Shiok eh!

Alright! Some photos I took with my camera!

The wines that we drank..

Being bo-liao, I got Henry to pose for the camera while eating the ice-cream! *lolx*

There should be more photos.. wait till the guys get back from the chalet!

Paul is all smiles

Back from Paul’s wedding. Had a nice time tonight, really felt as though we were back to those days..

When will we be having our next gathering? Seems like everyone’s waiting for me. =X Sorry guys.. Either wait till end of this year or until I graduate from school. But don’t worry, there will definitely be a 10th year anniversary gathering next year! Oops did I just mention we have graduated for 10 years?!?!?!

Paul is all smiles

As you can see.. Our dear Paul is all smiles with such a beautiful wife!

Group photos

ahaha some or rather MOST of the group photos that we took just now =)