I almost forgot that I have an assignment due on Monday! *oops*

While I’m trying to rush it out now, got a bit sian of it and decided to take a short break here.

I had a bday wish, I kept looking forward to it for the whole of Thurs, till the clock striked 12 midnight. Expectedly, my wish didn’t come true. Was a little bit sad, but nevermind. There’s always next year, and the next and the next.. till the day the day is being remembered. =D I know a few of my friends have heard me whining about it, it’s unfair that every1 is giving that person the benefit of the doubt. And I’m not feeling any better. =

Shucks.. not going to Wala Wala tmr le.. one of my budz is sick and I don’t feel like going with the other budz and his friends. So officially I’m free tmr! Not exactly though.. Tuition in the morning, meeting Grouser ( are we still meeting up? ) in the afternoon. If time permits, maybe I’ll go ECP. I miss the sea breeze.

Yay XW called! MJ session! Hahha.. but too bad, I’d go if I’ve completed my assignment and no tuition tmr morning.

Hai.. I have been drained of energy ever since school started. I’m constantly having no mood, working only when I’m in the mood to work, and not because I have to work. Lost my motivation in life. In short, I just don’t feel like doing anything at any time.

Where’s my motivation? I need something / someone to help me regain my mood.

Oh did I mention.. that I need a new wallet? The current one is stained with carbon marks. And they can’t be removed!!! *sobz* Arrr my white wallet looks so unglam now!

Happy Bday to WOLFY!!!

Wahhh Wolfy dedicated a post to me, how can I not do that as well? =D

Happy Bday to Wolfy!! She shares the same bday as me!

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to youuuuu
Happy birthday to you!!


To be fair.. Happy birthday to the other 28 Sep babies as well!! Jo Koh, Kaixin, Shufen! Knowing they don’t read my blog, but still, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

I almost forgot.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JOY JOY!!!!! Yeah my 1 yr old cousin!!! =D

Thanks Yix & Fen for the great time 2nite!

It really feels weird to be officially 25! I’m a quarter-century old!!

Had a great time with Yix & Fen just now! Thanks for the mini celebration! =D Dinner was at Hogs Breath Cafe @ Holland V. The food was actually so-so, tried it out ‘coz it was newly opened (with the first outlet at Chijmes). Dessert at Haägen Das! Yummy!!

The best present now, something which I’m still waiting for, is a simple sms greeting from him. Not putting any high hopes on that, ‘coz I doubt he remembers the day. =|

Met Feli on the bus again. I should learn from her, she had been going school religiously this week to study till 10pm!

Did I mention, for the 2nd day in a row, I can’t do any FYP in lab? Yesterday I had problem opening the software due to the number of users exceeded. And today, the TOOLBOX exceeded the max number of users! If this continues to go on, how do I do my FYP? Feeling so unmotivated now!

陶喆 & 蔡依林 – 今天你要嫁給我

For my friends who were at Paul’s wedding, here’s the MV of the song that was played.

The non ktv version

歌手:蔡依琳 & 陶喆 专辑:太美丽


[男]春暖的花开 带走冬天的感伤
每一首情歌忽然 充满意义

鸟儿的高歌拉近 我们距离

[合]听我说 手牵手 跟我一起走
昨天已来不及 明天就会可惜

[男]jolin in the house
[女]dt in the house
[合]our love in the house
[男]sweet sweet love

[男]夏日的热情 打动春天的懒散

[女]冬天的忧伤 接续秋天的孤单
鸟儿的高歌唱着 不要别离

[合]听我说 手牵手 跟我一起走
昨天已来不及 明天就会可惜
听我说 手牵手 我们一起走
昨天不要回头 明天要到白首
hey hey uh uh
我们在上帝 和亲友面前见证
这对男女生 就要结为夫妻
不要忘了这一切 是多么的神圣
你愿意生死苦乐 永远和她在一起
爱惜她尊重她 安慰她保护着她
两人同时建立起 美满的家庭
yes i do!

[合]听我说 手牵手 一路到尽头
昨天已是过去 明天更多回忆


苏永康/彭家丽 – 从不喜欢孤单一个

(女)想讲不要走 偏偏好胜说我那在乎
面对世界我洒脱 一点不似太辛苦
但在漫漫长夜里 摘下面具 便重因你再心碎
(男)原来自远走 我方知道对你在乎
原能留住你心 我却高傲不顾
现在夜夜唯后悔 但是现在像迟了一辈
我一句再会 竟会有无穷痛苦

(合)我不懂得跟我 独自对坐
原来没有你 做人相当痛楚
(合)你有否想起我 若是再遇
求让我悔过 可不可再恋过

(女)多想讲你知 根本对你我最在乎
愿说对不起 只可惜你已不顾
(男)现在夜夜唯后悔 但是现在像迟了一辈
我一句再会 竟会有无穷痛苦

* (男)从不喜欢孤单一个
(合)我不懂得跟我 独自对坐
原来没有你 做人相当痛楚
(合)你有否想起我 若是再遇
求让我悔过 可不可再恋过 *

分开方知清楚 我永不懂去再爱另一个
Repeat *

a day where there’s satisfaction on what had been done

Exactly one week ago, I was at Spizza Killiney Road branch. Tonight, I was back to Spizza again! Hahaha! How coincidence can it get?

Met up with Mr Tan HK, Roland and other SCSSC (TP Student Chapter) gang @ Harbourfront tonight.Our last gathering was 2 years ago, back at TP School of IT’s staff lounge. (Ei.. actually not all of them were frm SCSSC! Only Roland and Peishan. ahhaha! Got to know the rest only at the last gathering lolx) Great meeting up with them again. It was the same situation again. Me being the youngest (all of them are either 1 or 2 years my senior), the only one from NTU (they’re all from NUS Comp Sci) and the only one still studying (yes all of them had exemptions!). Mr Tan was saying how unfair my school‘s system was, as my juniors actually have exemptions but I had to complete FULL 4 years of university education!!!

Unfair unfair unfair!

But as Aunt Elsie put it, my life (according to feng shui) is meant to be a 苦命 one. Meaning to say that I have to slog for the whole of my life.

Unfair unfair unfair!

I shall work hard so that I don’t have to slog till the day I lie on the deathbed!

Hahahaha! How optimistic I am now. Overly high from the tiramisu latte that I had at Coffee Club after the dinner just now. (wanted to include what’s in the drink but i couldn’t find the link to the site. Anyway it included coffee and some wine) The coffee is trying its best to keep me awake (which had been succefull so far), and the mixture of wine and latte had been great in cleansing my bowel. =X

There’s finally some progress (or rather, a LITTLE bit of progress) for my fyp. And I’m already overdue by a day. lol.. Actually saw superviser in lab this afternoon, but I sneaked out of the lab before he could see me. *sweat* Got back to the lab only after I saw him leave. hahaha I sound like some sneaky person trying to sneak around.

I’ve no photos to upload today, didn’t take any photos just now.

Yeah it’s time to get back to doing fyp. Matlab is slowing down my laptop’s speed!

Oh thanks to Mr Tan, I had a dinner treat just now. keke! Thank you Roland & Nicky for the meal!

someone help me

I’ve been sitting in front of my laptop since I got home in the afternoon. Other than playing a bit of AuditionSEA, watching a bit of show, I can sit here and just stare at my desktop wallpaper. The more I stare at it, the more I feel that my dream is still far away. =(

Did I mention that NKF says I’m overweight?! It’s really time to start on a REAL diet.

Paul is all smiles

Back from Paul’s wedding. Had a nice time tonight, really felt as though we were back to those days..

When will we be having our next gathering? Seems like everyone’s waiting for me. =X Sorry guys.. Either wait till end of this year or until I graduate from school. But don’t worry, there will definitely be a 10th year anniversary gathering next year! Oops did I just mention we have graduated for 10 years?!?!?!

Paul is all smiles

As you can see.. Our dear Paul is all smiles with such a beautiful wife!

Group photos

ahaha some or rather MOST of the group photos that we took just now =)