Thanks Yix & Fen for the great time 2nite!

It really feels weird to be officially 25! I’m a quarter-century old!!

Had a great time with Yix & Fen just now! Thanks for the mini celebration! =D Dinner was at Hogs Breath Cafe @ Holland V. The food was actually so-so, tried it out ‘coz it was newly opened (with the first outlet at Chijmes). Dessert at Haägen Das! Yummy!!

The best present now, something which I’m still waiting for, is a simple sms greeting from him. Not putting any high hopes on that, ‘coz I doubt he remembers the day. =|

Met Feli on the bus again. I should learn from her, she had been going school religiously this week to study till 10pm!

Did I mention, for the 2nd day in a row, I can’t do any FYP in lab? Yesterday I had problem opening the software due to the number of users exceeded. And today, the TOOLBOX exceeded the max number of users! If this continues to go on, how do I do my FYP? Feeling so unmotivated now!