a day where there’s satisfaction on what had been done

Exactly one week ago, I was at Spizza Killiney Road branch. Tonight, I was back to Spizza again! Hahaha! How coincidence can it get?

Met up with Mr Tan HK, Roland and other SCSSC (TP Student Chapter) gang @ Harbourfront tonight.Our last gathering was 2 years ago, back at TP School of IT’s staff lounge. (Ei.. actually not all of them were frm SCSSC! Only Roland and Peishan. ahhaha! Got to know the rest only at the last gathering lolx) Great meeting up with them again. It was the same situation again. Me being the youngest (all of them are either 1 or 2 years my senior), the only one from NTU (they’re all from NUS Comp Sci) and the only one still studying (yes all of them had exemptions!). Mr Tan was saying how unfair my school‘s system was, as my juniors actually have exemptions but I had to complete FULL 4 years of university education!!!

Unfair unfair unfair!

But as Aunt Elsie put it, my life (according to feng shui) is meant to be a 苦命 one. Meaning to say that I have to slog for the whole of my life.

Unfair unfair unfair!

I shall work hard so that I don’t have to slog till the day I lie on the deathbed!

Hahahaha! How optimistic I am now. Overly high from the tiramisu latte that I had at Coffee Club after the dinner just now. (wanted to include what’s in the drink but i couldn’t find the link to the site. Anyway it included coffee and some wine) The coffee is trying its best to keep me awake (which had been succefull so far), and the mixture of wine and latte had been great in cleansing my bowel. =X

There’s finally some progress (or rather, a LITTLE bit of progress) for my fyp. And I’m already overdue by a day. lol.. Actually saw superviser in lab this afternoon, but I sneaked out of the lab before he could see me. *sweat* Got back to the lab only after I saw him leave. hahaha I sound like some sneaky person trying to sneak around.

I’ve no photos to upload today, didn’t take any photos just now.

Yeah it’s time to get back to doing fyp. Matlab is slowing down my laptop’s speed!

Oh thanks to Mr Tan, I had a dinner treat just now. keke! Thank you Roland & Nicky for the meal!

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