around 12+pm, Jkai said his sliding door moved by itself and suspected an earthquake. I suspected Indonesia.

around 2.10pm, my house shook. I hv no suspicions this time. earthquake-after-effects delayed 2 hours from where Jkai stays? LoL

it’s exciting. I almost thought of evacuating as I stayed in the upper floors of the block. ahhaha

ChannelNewsAsia confirmed the earthquake at 12+ to be at Indonesia. 6.6 on the Ritcher scale.



And so it confirmed. 2nd round of tremors. OMG. Pray for the people affected.


More news:

1426hrs – Second round of tremors felt in Singapore at 1.50pm

1403hrs – Nine killed in Sumatra quake, hundreds of buildings collapse

1214hrs – Tremors felt in Singapore after quake rocks Sumatra

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