Discharged from IMH

The fact that you’ve been seeing screenshots from MaplyStory means I’m performing well on fyp! Whee!

Not that I can score, but at least I’ve finally got some results! It’s actually term break this week, but.had been so stressed over fyp that I didn’t enjoy much of it.

Went career fair with Jkai, Jem & Eric on Thurs. Was quite a waste of time for me, unless I don’t intend to work as any IT related personnel. Lots of Marine & Aero recruitments. Ha.. don’t know why the sudden talk on mahjong, so we ended up at Eric’s house after that. As usual lah.. I lose $$ on the mj table, but I seriously don’t mind. Haha.. it’s the process of losing that’s enjoyable. Especially when I was on the verge of bankrupt with only 80cents worth of chips, and a sudden 4-tai-zi-mo. Losses immediately slashed by half. LoL. Can see that they were trying to let me win, but the tiles they threw weren’t what I wanted. ahhaha! It’s pure luck lah.. how can a mj noob have a 4-tai-zi-mo so often? kekez

It was fun yesterday. Hadn’t felt so relaxed since last week. Stupid fyp. ><

While hoping that there’s enough legs for mj tmr, I will win $$ on the blackjack table! Yes I will! muaaahahahhaah