New Start

A brand new start. New database, new layout.

Just feel like starting all over again. And I really do mean that. Though it isn’t easy.. I shall try. I wanna pick myself up from where I’d fallen, to start a new life. We shall see how long my determination can last.

Met Qiyue on the way to school just now. Since I was already very late for lecture, decided to have lunch with him instead. lolx. It was great catching up with an old friend, though it was only a short encounter. ^^

Is it the heavy workload that causes me to get more distant from my friends? Sometimes I just feel too weary from whatever I had been doing, to just say a simple hi or to jio them out for a simple dinner. Great that Becks sms-ed me this morning, shall meet the rest for dinner next week! Early bday celebration. ;p

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