Was kinda “busy” watching this HK drama series that I forgot to blog for the last day of Jan.. lol

31st Jan.. LY’s bday ^^ Miss Oi ah.. y u nv remind me.. hahaha.. I’ll meet u next fri okie?

Reached LT for the 1st lecture @ 1030hrs. Russian lecturer.. Dun understand what he’s trying to say. Ha.. So left the LT in less than 15mins time. Coffee break.. Joined RD & ZM in canteen. QH & Phee joined us less than 15mins later. This is my usual gang lor.. And there is nothing wrong with so many guy friends around me lor.. My ren2 yuan2 too gd le.. ^^

Went back for the next lecture. Not too bad.. Still can understand. And the 3rd lecture is cancelled! Yay! 2 hours break~ So erm.. we went canteen 1 for lunch (abt 10mins walk from our academic area).. but hai.. my stomach not feeling well.. diarrhoea since last night.. *sob* No appetite for lunch, only managed to finish half a bowl of porridge. ><

Had Crystal Jade for dinner.. *yummy* Hehe!! Got people treat wor.. đŸ˜¡ Had a super FULL dinner!

Ya.. Hall 15 having a CNY dinner! Managed to get Ash to psycho Jigg to go.. Yay!!

Just realised I’ve been blogging as though I’m a kid.. lol! Can’t stand myself at this pt of time ^^

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  1. so good….got crystal jade..haiz..student is even richer than workin people….. haiz… and moreever… so GOOD LIFE….arghhhhh

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