sunday @ work

Nope I didn’t manage to wake up early enough to come school.. Received an sms at 6am, informing me that the lunch meet will be postponed to dinner instead. So well.. I slept till 11am. Left house after lunch, reached school at 3pm. My ez-link cards keep having problem.. hai.. went to the auto-machine but can’t work. Queued at the Ticket Office, the person say there’s no problem. $%^&

Went to TV Lounge to do wire-wrapping. Aircon room. Shiok place.. the weather was sssoooo HOT! Managed to finish it before I left for the dinner date @ JP.. Haa.. *oops*

One of the few sundays I’ve enjoyed in school. 🙂

nuahing day

How should I describe my day? It was a short one, ‘coz I woke up only at 12 noon. Spent the whole afternoon typing minutes for the conference. My handwriting was so illegible that I had a hard time trying to decipher what I wrote. Haha.. That’s why I only managed to finish typing it an hour ago.

My mum went Chinatown with my sis. I was feeling lazy, so didn’t join them. Go there squeeze with people.. Can’t shop much also. Bro went out shopping.. Leaving me alone at home. Hai.. I come home only once a week leh.. Yesterday also.. All outside leaving me alone at home.. Might as well stay in school.. Though I miss my bed.. Haha!! Okok I’m contradicting myself 😛

I kinda hate my timetable.. 3 days I have lessons till 5.30 / 6pm. Wed I have yoga class till 7pm. Leaving only Friday where my lessons end at 1130. So busy.. My tutorials are piling up!! And I need at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, else I’ll have headaches.. *sob* Dying le.. This sem sure fail at least 1 module.. Have got a strong premonition about it.

My conference chairperson called to jio me for some YEC dinner @ Jurong East. ^^ Though it’s not very far, feel kinda wierd if I really go down.. Every1 I dunno leh.. Somemore by the time I reach, the event should be ending soon le.. Though my chair say he will wait lah.. But erm.. Dun wanna waste his time lah.. He gotta go back school for meeting. So ya.. I didn’t go.. Thanx Des for the invitation 🙂 I erm.. feel honoured. Jigg almost used a hammer to knock me for not going.. lol

I think I should sleep soon.. if I want to reach school in the morning tomorrow.. Yes it’s a Sunday.. Gotta go back wash clothes and finish wire-wrapping.. Lab on Monday.. :S

thank you

Thanks for accompanying me this evening. Sorry you had to wait for me ‘coz I need long transportation time to school. Thanks for the offer to hammer the person who pissed me off this afternoon. Though I know you said it to keep me entertained, it meant a lot. Thanks for listening to all my crap (I seriously wonder where all my crappiness came from.. It wasn’t the real me ). A good entertainer will never be successful without a good audience.

You made my day. Yes I know saying so many “thanks” is definitely not enough. If you get to read this entry, thanks again.

Talking about the person who pissed me off this afternoon.. Went down to Bt Panjang Plaza to report for work ( helping QH & RD to do canvassing ) @ 4pm sharp. Received a phone call from Mel the person in charge. “Have you reached BPP?” “Oh you’ve reached.. Wanted to ask you to report to Sun Plaza instead” “Nvm then” I’ve indicated CLEARLY that I’m working @ BPP, not elsewhere! And Sun Plaza is so FAR away!! Just because the 2 girls who were @ BPP for the morning shift didn’t want to get splitted up, I had to sacrifice my precious time to travel so FAR ? If not for the sake that I’m helping out with the canvassing, I’d have told you I don’t want to work anymore. You’re so disorganised. Everything should have been planned in advance. Made me rush home from school. Was already on-board the bus when I realised I didn’t pack my contact lens which you said it’s COMPULSORY not to wear specs. I alighted and WALKED a good 15mins walk along the ulu road back to my hall just for the lens. Then it was too late, had to take a cab home. WASTED my money! And I had to sacrifice my $8*6hrs (excluding the $10 cab fare) for today. After some discussion with my mum, I decided not to work for you anymore. It’s hard to imagine that such a hugh company can only afford 2 outfits for each outlet, and so many gals had to share that outfit (2 gals per session, 2 sessions a day) for 2 months without washing! OMG.. For hygiene purposes, I’ve made up my mind. Good luck to you. And sorry QH & RD..

Ya did I say I’m having rashes now? *sob* Rashes for 2 days le.. ARGH!!

hua-chi-ing in action

Haha.. I don’t think I was drunk.. Drank only one third of the wine glass.. White wine.. Argh.. No more next time.. I hate the taste! LOL!

I’m really in one of my hua-chi mood again. *oops* Ya AGAIN.. WHY is it happening again ?!

Had a very crappy conversation with my WORLDview chairperson today. Half an hour worth of crappiness on the phone. Haha! Been ages since I had such a gd laugh 😉

Hmm did I mention I signed up for Yoga class? Went for the first lesson today. Not a bad experience, all slow motions but yet allows me to stretch my un-exercised muscles. Shiok. Feeling more refresh now. At the same time yesterday, I was already dead tired. Not bad.. shall work harder next week!


*oops* I’m in one of my hua-chi mood again.. Bah!! Think I’m getting drunk..


I’m starting to feel the heavy workload falling on my shoulders. Running out of time to complete those lab & tutorial preparations. Much less the time to complete the scheduled revision of materials taught in the past 3 weeks. I’ve not been slacking, and I’m being truthful to myself. I’ve been busy with activities in school. Robotics-Soccer competition & the WORLDview youth conference. Been trying my best to push the work (related to both) back, but somehow I feel that I should do things fast, else it’ll affect the whole team.

And now with this SC207 labwork, which is actually a “big-scale” project that involves 2 classes for each project, I’m going crazy. Been having meetings with the other lead developers to discuss the requirements and the actual job-scope of each sub-team. Though my team is just a supporting team to the rest, I still have to be present in all meetings to get an idea of how things are done on their side and to check out what is needed from them. I won’t say it’s a waste of my time, but I could have used that time on other stuff instead.

And I’m also financially-strained. Should I get my sponsor to sponsor me more, find another sponsor or get an interest-free study loan instead? This is bad.. I’m already heavily in debt. *sob*

I have a blog setup sometime last year for me to vent my anger on whatever & whoever made me irritated. And only close & good friends know about the site. But somehow the url got spread around.. I know that blogging means anyone can read the blog, and not that I mind, but.. I also don’t know how to explain. You are a friend of mine, if I want to let you know about the site, I’ll give you the address if you ask for it. There’s no need to SEARCH for it.. I don’t know what else to say..


The opening ceremony for Hall Olympics was held on Thursday, with an inter-hall cheerleading competition @ SRC (Sports & Recreation Centre). As Jigg & I opened the door of the old basketball court (multi purpose hall), the first sound we heard was the dunno-what band performing. Doesn’t understand a word what the singer was trying to sing, but nevertheless, it’s an effort made.

Standing at one corner of the not-so-huge court, we desperately looked around for familiar faces from Hall 15. After 15 mins, finally saw a few, but they were sitting at the other corner of the hall, and it’s extremely difficult to make our way through with the large groups of supporters from the various halls sitting all around. At that little corner where we were, we could only manage to catch a glimpse of the various cheerleading performances.

The first to perform was Hall 1. Their actions were very hyper and swift. I was amazed by the way they formed the pyramid. It was perfect! The next few teams weren’t as good, until it was finally Hall 15’s turn. Our team started practising only 2 weeks before the competition. Given only 2 weeks, it’s not a simple task to have such a good performance, even though all are old-birds. They were as good as Hall 1, and I have to mention this: the girls in the team are all very chio! It’s a well-known fact that Hall 15 has a lot of pretty girls! (That’s excluding me lar.. lol)

Left the hall after Hall 15’s performance. Decided to go back to room early as the last shuttle bus service was in half an hour’s time.


At approximately 2230hrs, QH asked if we want prata supper. Having supper is part and parcel of hall life. (Gonna get fat in a matter of time) And in about half hour’s time, QH & RD reached our room with our supper. How can we miss out movies when having supper? So they (I watched Naruto instead) decided to watch The Forgotten. Joined them halfway through, but I fell asleep while lying on the bed. Woke up when they left, felt so energetic that I decided to surf net and chat for a while before I finally fell asleep at 3+am.

Expectedly, I couldn’t wake up the next day. Yeah I skipped the 0830hrs lecture. Haha..

After lecture, me and my project mates (Phee, QH, RD & ZM) went shopping. Sian leh.. 4 guys & I’m the only gal. lol! Shopped from Bugis to Chinatown, where we went for the contact lens survey @ People’s Park Centre. Had claypot rice for dinner. Yum yum! Haven’t had claypot rice @ Chinatown for ages! Was a rushed dinner though. We were supposed to reach Hotel Rendezvous for a seminar by 1830hrs, but we were late. Hiakz.. the seminar wasn’t very interesting though.. Felt like they were conning people. Both the speakers are entrepreneurs, and one of them is currently a Marketing Masters student @ NUS. If you can earn enough by doing import/export like what you’ve said, why then are you still studying? Crap!

Anyway.. went for supper (again..) @ Selegie. Heard that Selegie’s beancurd is superb, this is the FIRST time I’ve been there. Haha.. Was really nice! The beancurd is so SMOOTH! Yummy!!

By the time I reached home, it was already 2300hrs. I realised I really miss my bed. *sob*

slacker in action

ok updates. Lol!

I think hall life has made me more tired than usual, and life wasn’t as exciting as what LW has said. Maybe ’cause it’s already the 2nd semester, most of the activities were held in semester 1. I may be joining the Hall FOC (Freshmen Orientation Camp) though, so that if I have the intention of staying on next semester, I don’t have to worry about not having enough ECA points. Heard that as long as you help out at the FOC, you will be in the recommended list, and those in the list will definitely get a room in the hall.

Life so far wasn’t that bad. After lessons, there’s usually nowhere else to go other than go back to hall. I don’t have the urge to step into the library (like what I always do in the previous semesters). This is bad. It also means to say that I didn’t really get to study. It’s lectures, tutorials (always went in unprepared), labs and BED. Hahaha! Other than that, it’s SHOPPING!

Argh!! I have been taught everything about staying in hall, except to STUDY. Help!!

hectic life

Life in hall so far is not bad. Kinda fun, but I’m still not in the studious mood yet. Still holidaying around.

Went out shopping with Jiyi on Wednesday. Went bugis and bought a bag + a pair of leather sandals. Den went Ikea to buy a hanger for the clothes. Broke le.. lol

Today.. lectures ended early. Yix wanna get some clothes, so I tagged along to give my opinions. Walked the whole afternoon around orchard till my feet went sore. Had a full dinner @ Bugis. Shiok.. but too full..

Ar.. I think I’m still not settled into hall.. School work is starting to pile up but I’ve not started on my tutorials & labs!!

Got a robotics training tomorrow.. think I’m going to sleep early.. been sleeping at 1+2am for the past few days, had been a real torture for someone who needs 8hrs of sleep daily. Too tired..

first night @ hall 15

My first night in hall.. Felt so guilty that Jigg had to do all the cleaning.. haha.. A typical housewife!!

Ya she did everything.. So there I was.. running to and fro between home & school.. went to catch a movie with Jem (he sponsor mah..) @ JP.. came back hall at ard 10 le.. Just came out from bathroom.. feeling so refresh but tired.. *yawnz* Think should be catching some sleep soon..