long day @ work

Had an eventful day today..

Went for yoga class as usual @ 1730hrs. 1 hr of yoga is enough to let my whole body relax for the whole night. After that I went for the WORLDview meeting @ TR14. Had to walk all the way from SRC to North Spine.. Well that’s okay.. Took it as a form of exercise, I desperately need it *LOL* Despite brunch @ 1430hrs, I was trembling in the tutorial room by 2000hrs. Was feeling so hungry *sob*

The dinner-cum-supper was great though. Walked all the way to blk 910 area to eat. That’s the area on the other side of the PIE across NTU Yunan Garden, which is somewhere near Hall 4 & 5, which is at the other side of NTU from hall 15. So ciao.. met Shirley there also. ^^

Thanks for the bicycle ride back to my hall.. I know I’m fat and that made the cycling hard >< I think I’ve yet overcome my fear since that fall half a yr ago. Thanks for the effort. Really.

I was surprised you asked that question during supper. Didn’t expect you to notice it. And I was really shocked, didn’t know how to answer you. I can’t possibly say it’s because of you right? Haiz.. So ya.. “I put it for fun” 🙁

I still have to say thanks again. ‘Coz you made my day.