CNY day 2

CNY Day 2 has always been a not-so-happening day for the past 24 years. Lunch @ granny’s house, after which we left for uncle KS’s house (across the road) at ard 2pm. I think it’s a psychological barrier, I just can’t seem to be able to clique with my dad’s family. Have been observing my granny’s behaviour these few days. It is obvious that she dotes on her daughters’ children better than us. Her daughters call the shots in the family, not the sons. Offered my help to prepare lunch, but I don’t know what she said, never say clearly despite me asking so many times. Whatever.. The more I think about it, the more disappointed I’ll be. Richard ah.. how ah? I feel so sad that we’re not so closely-knitted leh.. All the young people just sit there watch tv, never talk to one another.. How how?