a reunion dinner that wasn’t successful

Today’s reunion dinner was a short one. Reached at 5.30.. everyone had already eaten. Sat at the dining table with Richard kor & his gf, plus my bro, 4th aunt n my mum. Was a super boring dinner.. Not everyone turned up as usual. I only have 1 elder cousin (from my dad’s side) and that’s Richard. The other cousins.. hai.. generation gap.. those in my age group nv turn up. Was so sian that I left one hour after I’m done with my meal.

With this family, I feel so lost. On the surface, it may seem that I’m close to them, but in actual fact I’m not. Dunno why.. The only people I’m close to is Richard, Aunt Elsie & Aunt Catherine. The rest are just hi & bye. It’s not as close-knitted as it should have been. Doesn’t matter anyway. I’ve already given up.