bz like mad again

I broke my record of not blogging on the 15th. By the time I reached my room, it was already 12.40am. Too late to blog under 15th. 🙁

Routined Tuesday started with 2 lectures at 0930hrs. The 2nd lecture was a guest lecture (, decided to give it a miss. Was at the Students’ Computer Room (SCR for short) when Phee asked if I wanna makan. That was 1045hrs. Break till the next lesson at 1230hrs. Slacked around in SCR again. After tut was another 1hr break, den lab.

207 group discussion after lab, had to leave halfway for WORLDview meeting @ Southwest CDC. Left 1hr later for the WORLDview meeting with the NTU committee in sch. Rushed like mad. Hai.. By the time everything ended, it was already 12+am..

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