As the saying goes..

I play mahjong for fun, coz I’m real sucky at it. I’m the only loser today! boo!

BBQ steamboat @ Marina South on Friday night with my SCE khakis, at the request of the birthday boy. ahha! It was a REAL FUN night! Though it’s real seldom to see 13 ppl gather for dinner at the same time, and it won’t happen often in the near future, it’s great that I have this company of friends who nv fail to liven up one another’s lives. Pics will be uploaded at SCE Khakis, sneak preview is provided at the moment. LOL.

Supposed to meet my ktv gang on sat night, but mahjong session ended very late. boo! Actually I’m glad that I didn’t go, coz I’m feeling so tired. haha.. next time! I promise I’ll go!

Photos will be up when I’ve the time. Still busy. And I need to sleep.

See how pro I was in MapleStory just now. =

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