Welcome to this world, baby Kate!

got an sms frm bec this morning! She gave birth to a healthy baby girl Kate this morning! Welcome to this world gal! You’ll be in for the many love and care from your daddy, mummy, ah ma, ah gong and many loved ones!

what’s happening?

chest feeling tight.

difficulties breathing.

long breathes observed often.

gosh just what on earth is happening to me???

Incidents on the road

Incident 1

On my way home yesterday.. I remembered seeing the motorbike quite a distance away, and it wasn’t at a fast speed. So I crossed the road. Halfway through, the bike was just 10m away from me! gosh! I got scared out of my life and stopped immediately. Think I saw the bike waving left-right as the rider was deciding whether he should turn left or just go straight (of which he would have hit me if he chose to go straight). Thank God I was alright. But why was the rider riding so fast when it was a red light at the traffic junction??

Incident 2

The bus that I was on, was trying to go to the lane 3 from 4. Signaled,  but another vehicle from lane 2 jumped in.

Incident 3

Less than 5mins later, the same bus was on a merging lane. Being a non-driver, I still know the basics of driving on a merging lane. Seeing that it’s the bus’s turn to merge, the car (and I still remember the car plate number!) on the other merging lane increased its’ speed and closed up the gap.

Incident 4

Nvm, bus driver was patient =)
Then! I saw a MPV on the shoulder! (I know the rules.. no driving on the shoulder!) Less than 30secs, the MPV was >50m in front of the bus!

Incidents 2-4 happened on the PIE after BKE exit at 8.45am. It was slow traffic! But whatever happened to basic courtesy??