You know tt I’m bored when..

when I’m here at this time of the day

when I’m supposed to be at work

when you can see that I’m just typing nonsense

when I’m trying to fill up the space here

when I’m finding things to do just to kill time

when.. I ran out of what to rabble about


inspirational words for a start

First day back to work. Decided to go back to ex-co when they asked me if I’m interested in joining them again. Why not, since I’m already familiar with the environment and procedures.

A 2-hr meeting early in the morning drained me off. LOL. It’s nice to see ex-colleagues again, though there’re only about <10 familiar faces now.

Mundane afternoon. Spent the remaining hours doing research on my own, on a new technology. Seriously it’s so tiring surfing net for information, that I kept dozing off.

At the end of the day, the recep brought this in to my table:


So sweet of them!

Being too bored, here’s a view from my desk.


View at the other side is better. It faces the river. =D

Since boss will be away for reservist till next week, I only managed to catch up with him via msn at night.

Boss: girl, need to get up to speed with your ASP okie. my engine will be your baby.
Me: asp or .net?
Boss: asp
Me: asp is ok for me, still fresh
Boss: good. get as much out of it as possible from M. No change yet, just know what it is and how it’s developed. (it’s an in-house application done years ago)
Me: I already briefly know how it works.
Boss: I got 2 words for u okie
Me: yes wat?
Boss: meticulous and comprehensive.
Me: o.O

It’s always nice to know you have an encouraging and motivating boss around!