a dedication..


A phrase from a story I watched just now. Nothing special from it, just thought of sharing =)

Keeping a positive outlook in life. A good way of self-motivating I’d say. One that helps to keep yourself going, irregardless of whatever challenges you may face. Admit your mistakes and you’ll be able to better-face yourself. Like a quote which I used to use: Experience is the name people give to mistakes. Learn from whatever mistakes you’d made. If you think that you’ve procrastinated for too long, get out of it. Start a new life all over again. Success doesn’t come with one try. It takes many falls before one really becomes successful in life, depending on which aspect of life you’re looking at.

Dedicated to my dearest friend K. I know life had not been smooth for the past one year, but bear in mind that fruitful days lie ahead. You’ll definitely succeed if you continue to work hard!