Felix’s interview

For my TP Internet Computing khakis who are reading my blog!

Check out Felix Huang’s interview @ The S.O.T. magazine! Yeah the Felix who was well known during our time. LOL. The now-so-popular b-boy! Cool!

I am fine ~.~

Busy the whole day doing freelance, finally a sigh of relief when I sent the final set of files at 12am. 13hrs of work! From a set of 5 changes, increased to dunno how many. Changes just kept coming in. Spent my day in school SCR, enjoying the aircon while doing work. Hee!

Feeling dead tired. Aching shoulder!

Journal’s getting on fine, urgently needed is the conference paper, due Wed. Journal’s due end June. Sounds exciting when I hear that I get to present if my conference paper is selected. XD Though it’s free labour, it’s still an exciting process, especially when I’ve been procrastinating since day1. Good learning experience! Gambatte!

Encouragement given to continue with the experiments! Motivation!*that someone couldn’t remember seeing my name in the non-all-clear list*. woohoo! No guarantee, but a good motivation!

Oh by the way.. it’s confirmed that *that someone* doesn’t know that I’m talking about him. So interesting. =D

I’m tired. But I still want to play maple. It’s public holiday tomorrow after all.

Would You Be There – Redwan Ali

Song from Mars vs Venus.

Since everyone’s posting the lyrics, I shall post as well. LOL.

If you have this song, leave me a msg ya? Couldn’t find it!

Would You Be There – Redwan Ali

If I were blue, would you be there for me,
And whisper in my ear that’s ok
Would you stand by me, let me hold you tight
And say you love me one more time

If I feel good, would you slow dance with me,
And touch my lips with tender loving care
Would you die for me, would you run with me
And never look back

Would you be there to love to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you’ll always be the one to take my breath away?

Would you be there to love, to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you’ll always be the one to take my breath away?

Would you be there…

If I will wait, would you still think of me
And wished that you could hold me now
Would you die for me, would you run with me,
All the way…

Would you be there to love to be with me?
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you’ll always be the one to take my breath away?

Would you be there to save my soul tonight
Would you swear that your love is always true?
Would you say that you’ll always be there
To kiss my pain away?


edit: found it! woohoo!!

dedicated to that someone. I know what kind of response I’ll get, but I still want to ask. LOL

Those were the days..

kopped from my guild’s blog

Those were the days when we first met in PQ

And lastly, joining the satanic Blue Balloon Cult (BBC), praying to the oh-great-mighty Blue Balloon with absolute awe and faith. All because He promised to “help us out on many levels”.

At Ami & Grace’s wedding..

Stepping in the next phrase of life

I initially had loads of stuff to write, after being absent for 4 days, and now I’ve much more to write on after reading Cheryl‘s blog. This is probably going to be quite a random post, depending on what I can remember I want to blog on.

Starting with the most fresh thoughts.. Cheryl’s blog. LOL. Jiawen’s friend, my junior from Nan Hua. (Not that I’m going to introduce her here lah.. hahaha) But her entries reminded me of my days @ NH. Sec sch life is definitely fun! I miss those days =( NH’s 90th anniversary dinner is coming. Glad that a lot of current students are going (wonder why they are such rich kids, $100 per person! gosh), but none of my friends are going (minusing off my alumni khakis) LOL.  Freaking expensive! Same venue as 10 yrs ago when I was still in sec 4, price increased by 40 bucks! Inflation? by 66%? siao.  Not worth my money I’d say.

Next up. I’ve been busy at work, that by the time I reach home, I don’t feel like touching my laptop at all. Journal was KIV-ed coz I was already so tired after work, that I don’t feel like using the comp anymore. And my mapling hours has drastically decreased. Boo!

Finally gotten jkai’s book! Thanks WK for helping me get from Taiwan!

Aching all over now. Been a long time since I last had a badminton session! Woke up late, driver woke up late also. LOL. A supposedly 2hr session @ Jurong West Sports Stadium got reduced to 1hr. And a hearty breakfast brunch @ Jurong West St 52 after that! Toiletries shopping then back home. Did a bit of journal experiment in the afternoon, almost dozing off in the process. Dead tired.

Family dinner that night! Fun dinner! It’s always great to gather up with my cousins! The youngsters table was the best! Hahaha! Oh Jiayun your scrunchie’s still with me. LOL.

Slept pretty early. Think the sun rose from the west. hahaha! I had a nice 10hr of sleep at last.

So today was spent.. doing journal experimenting again. Hoping to get all experiments done before I start officially on journal writing.

Photos will be up when I’m much free-er to do editing. =X


ps: seems like there’s not that many things to blog on at all. Is my life that boring? =

blisters and more blisters

My legs have officially complained that they are worn out from the consecutive 2 days of walking around in heels. Interviews, interviews and more interviews = blisters, blisters and more blisters.

Went shopping in office heels on Monday. Yeah kill me. hahaha.. But since I was in the area after the interview, I did some necessities-shopping before going home. On the bus back, no idea why it was packed at 4+pm,  I stood all the way. Worse is, the 2 aunties were holding on to the seat-handle tt I was holding on to. I already was trying to balance myself with my stuff le, and they had to keep moving closer to me! haiz.. Then I was forced to keep stepping backwards lah! And had to use the hanging handle instead. I almost killed the 2 aunties lah! Cannot stand properly meh? Both of them were holding on to TWO seat-handles lor! ><

3 blisters when I got home.

Yesterday! Another interview @ bugis area. Decided not to wear those office heels coz my toes were in pain lah.. Had to wear open toe heels. Hahah.. Walked over to SLS area to deliver some documents, then walk to Bugis Junction and back to SLS again. pain pain! And I kept asking budz to walk slower coz I really couldn’t walk fast. LOL.

3 new blister when I got home.

And so today, no interviews until next week! phew! I’m finally back to wearing my comfy slippers!

I’ve decided, prolly I need a new pair of more comfy office shoes.

水土不服 (water-mud-no-match)

literally translated word for word. LOL.

I realise I always get the runs when I’m at a new environment. Remembered the first day I worked at NUS 9 yrs ago, the first day of my internship @ Cisco Systems, first day of work @ my full-time companies, first day @ Hall 15, first day of IA @ Canon. And now first day @ uncle KT’s office. ><

Btw, my original previous entry mentioned that I’m currently helping out at uncle’s company =) and that’s why Thurs/Fri is impt to me. LOL

I hear that I’m expected to do more updates oO Well.. nothing to blog about work life, except that I’m expected to know everything, including any tweeny weeny details of the procedures within the company. Shall see how I can do a reform. Clerical + IT + Helpdesk + everything-u-can-think-of-except-cleaning-ah-soh. LOL. I’m told that I can stay until the new girl comes in around mid-june. Yay! something to keep me occupied.

FYP wise, I should stop procrastinating and resume journal writing! Stuck at where I stopped ‘coz sch lab does not have the toolbox that I need. I should stop mapling so often and start working on it!

Getting weary easily these days, not due to too much mapling as I’ve cut down to abt 3hrs daily. (used to be the whole day?)

Been thinking about this new phase of my life. Not exactly that enthusiastic about leaving school, though glad that I’m officially descending from the mountain at the bird-dun-shit-place. =X Glad that I’m leaving hell-life at last (hopefully) but what lies ahead of me now? To take up a job related to the discipline of my degree and get high pay or to take up a job that I’m interested in but not related to the discipline and get a pay cut? Not that I’m losing interest in IT, but I’m more into web-IT, an industry where companies would rather employ diploma holders who can easily do the same job. Programming in other languages is within my scope of interest but not as confident as I am in web languages. = In a dilemma, but I guess priorities should be set right. Main objective now is to clear all the loans that I’ve taken up.

And I’ve been nagged to get married out of no reason = Not by my mum though. Ironic. LOL. Not that I don’t want to, but it takes 2 hands to clap. Even if I found the hand, I can’t do anything if the hand doesn’t want to clap with mine. Even if the hand wants to clap with mine, it doesn’t mean that my hand has to compliment the action right? heh.

I’m having a long-awaited weekend break. No tuitions this week! I shall turn in now and have a good rest!

Is it Thurs or Fri?

pengz my entry got lost when the internet connection went down due to the sudden downpour.

I’m in a blur mood these 2 days, kept thinking today’s Friday. Think I’m looking TOO forward to weekend. ;p

Random thoughts

I seriously have no idea what to update on. Sudden lost in my own world, especially when I’m too broke to be out of house and stuck with mapling for the last few days.

The saying of ‘bad things always happen at the same time’ is so true. First the fall, then the ‘flown aeroplane’ by my sup made me waste my day in school doing NOTHING while WAITING and left school WITHOUT meeting sup, a ‘brand new’ laptop with just 40GB worth of space and needs TONS of tidying up of data, going school to continue FYP but lab’s Matlab does not have the toolbox that I need (meaning my already-half-dead laptop has to be used for running Matlab again), .. the list goes on ..

The sweet dream this morning brought back memories. Dreamt that I am together with a crush of mine long ago. = Reality struck when I realised that wasn’t in real life. lol.  Don’t really remember the dream now, except that I still remember who the crush was =) Sweet.

Laptop needs lots of tidying up as mentioned, so probably photos taken during Mothers’ Day won’t be up so fast. I need more time especially when I’ve got FYP to work on. Enhancements that licensed copy of Matlab in school does not have what I need. = And it is a tedious affair to request for a trial copy from MathWorks, since it isn’t available for student’s version.

Things that happen in life happens for a reason. Need time to sort out my thoughts, my directions in life. I should be able to graduate this semester, since I know I will pass the module that I’m most afraid of =D Hence the recent ‘enthusiasm’ in job seeking. But the more jobs I see / applied for, the more lost I am. First time I’m lost ever since poly days. When graduating from poly, there’s uni to look forward to. And being young and innocent at that time, I got a job at my vice-principal’s company pretty easily, even before I got my final sem results. The confidence at that time is now lost. Academic wise, I know I’m not good in uni studies. Work wise, ppl around me are much better at selling themselves to the companies. I lost out to them simply because I lost that important self-confidence. That aside, I find no motivation now, after completing uni studies. What to look forward to? Masters? PHD? I will die from more studies. I have a Masters in mind, something I’m interested in, but the jobs that I’m looking at now, none is in that industry. Not related at all. So the question in short is, just what do I really want? Prolly I can only give it a serious thought when my FYP is fully complete.

Guess I’m feeling down now due to too much crying while watching the show 1 Litre of Tears. I didn’t rewatch, this is the movie version. Lots of details left out, but still sad enough. Eyes swollen & having headache now. Normal for me, but I can’t sleep well! =

I should sleep. I miss my bed.

Have not been writing

Simply because I was busy enjoying myself. Enjoying myself in the world of Maple. =D

FYP presentation’s finally over. Results will be out by the 2nd week of June, according to OAS‘s website.  Guess meanwhile it’s time to find a part time job till results are released.

Back to slacking.