Plurk Outing v2.0

Fine.. I’m obliged to type something about it

BUT I’VE GOT NO PHOTOS WITH ME IN THEM! SHYT! Shouldn’t have left early!

And so..

Plurk Outing v2.0 @ Ice Cold Beer @ SMU School of Business!

With a turnout of about 30 plurkers ? Didn’t do a count.

Actually.. I don’t know what to write about, since.. I didn’t interact much. hahaha

Except that I got @DaphneMaia to introduce the people sitting at the next table to us LOL

Had to leave early ‘coz was supposed to meet another group of friends for ktv.

It was great meeting new friends yet again! I thought I’ll just post their entries about the outing here!

Eh I thought it was a long list.. but I only found 3 links from this plurk.

So when’s Plurk Outing v3.0 going to happen?

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