Lingering sensation

The sky looked so promising as I sat by the window, plurking away on my laptop.

Until I hear a sudden downpour.

SHYT! My clothes are outside!

In the attempt to save the clothes, I ran to the kitchen. Knocked the toe against the door ledge, held on to the dining chair for support, skipped (hopped) a few steps. Thought I managed to balance myself. Alas! I fell, and the dining chair fell with me.

And my first instinct was to check if the toe was bleeding. As expected. I saw blood.

(After taking the clothes in) Washed the wound, walked back to the room like nothing happened.

I thought things are fine. No pain anyway.

As I made another trip to the kitchen to get myself some water, I felt something wrong.

The wound on the toe wasn’t in pain, but the nerve connecting to it was! All the way to the knee! Gosh! WHAT’S HAPPENING!

Slightly swollen toe. =(

The pain was gone during dinner time. Thankfully.

But I felt another kind of pain. The kind of pain you get when you have blue-blacks.

And I can’t bend the toe.