Joint Exhibition on the History of Chinese-Medium Schools

Just because I’m pissed with them for assigning work to me when I didn’t attend the meeting last night, doesn’t mean I should stop doing publicity for them. pifff

Joint Exhibition on the History of Chinese-Medium Schools

An intiative by the Yeung Chin Alumni, this joint exhibition aims to achieve several objectives:

  • to forge bonding and bridge exchanges among various school alumni;
  • as a form of social responsibility to organise events that coalesce community spirit;
  • to promote the fine traditional virtues of Chinese schools;
  • to enhance and promote appreciation for our past and heritage to participate in the collaboration.

Schedule and venue of the Joint Exhibitio

Exhibition period : Nov 29 – Dec 5, 2008

Opening ceremony : Nov 29, 2008 (Saturday), 10.00am

Guest-of-Honour : Mr Khaw Boon Wan, Minister for Health

Venue : Hwa Chong Institute, Kah Kee Hall

(Adapted from the official site)

If you are interested in the history of our local Chinese-Medium schools (schools like Nan Hua, River Valley High, Hwa Chong, Chung Cheng High, Tao Nan etc), hop down to Hwa Chong Institute from Nov 29 to Dec 6!

你不是真正的快乐 by 五月天


人 群中 哭著 你只想變成透明的顏色
你再也不會夢 或痛 或心動了
你已經決定了 你已經決定了

你 靜靜 忍著 緊緊把昨天在拳心握著
而回憶越是甜 就是 越傷人了
越是在 手心留下 密密麻麻 深深淺淺 的刀割

你不是真正的快樂 你的笑只是你穿的保護色
你決定不恨了 也決定不愛了

這 世界 笑了 於是妳合群的一起笑了
當生存是規則 不是 你的選擇
於是妳 含著眼淚 飄飄盪盪 跌跌撞撞 的走著

你不是真正的快樂 你的笑只是你穿的保護色
你決定不恨了 也決定不愛了

你不是真正的快樂 你的傷從不肯完全的癒合
我站在你左側 卻像隔著銀河
難道就真的抱著遺憾一直到老了 然後才後悔著

你值得真正的快樂 你應該脫下你穿的保護色
為什麼失去了 還要被懲罰呢
能不能就讓 悲傷全部 結束在此刻

As requested. I didn’t type them out though =)