the pain of lift upgrading

My zone has been undergoing lift upgrading since Nov last year. Nevermind the inconveniences caused when they had to block some paths so that the machinaries can pass.

Because I stay beside the existing lifts, I’m the last to be affected – in some sense.

So the new lift B (at the other end of the block) is now in operation. Existing lift A is closed for upgrading, and existing lift B is still in operation. You get what I mean.

But! In the span of 2 weeks, existing lift B went out of order 5 times! Nevermind that since there’s the new lift B right? The new lift B is out of order this morning too! *faints*

The only operational lifts (both old and new) went out of order at the same time. Nevermind if you stay on the first few storeys.. I pity the elderly who stay on the upper storeys. Climbing 12 storeys of stairs is no easy feat for them! Especially in the morning when everyone came back from the market. -.-

And to think I thought they shut off the power supply for the existing lift B ’cause they had to do upgrading to the existing lift A (they’re aside each other).

Interestingly, existing lift B was out of order when I reached home last night. No complaints since there’s new lift B to use. When I reached my floor, I was wondering why my neighbours didn’t make a detour to the new lift B (saw them walking towards the existing lift B). Tadah! Existing lift B is in operation!

And it went out of order again this morning, way before the workers start work.

Upgrade or no upgrade, doesn’t make a difference to me, since I already stay beside the lift. For the convenience of my neighbours. No voting was required (no idea why this is so, but there was no voting being done), it was a “ok! the whole estate shall undergo lift upgrading” kind of thing (after the 2008 elections). (Not sure if other blocks have any voting system done, but the whole estate is undergoing lift upgrading now)

Ahhhh the pain of lift upgrading! How long more do we need to endure the pain?

So what now?

I’ve made the first step. Making this blog a part of

Starting to wonder how geeky will I get? I’m like the only one in my dept who blogs? Though not the only one in the company.

Sometimes I wonder too.. how long will this internet craze last? I’ve had interest in internet since secondary school days, but no interest in blogging until 2003, despite having a diploma in Internet Computing. Such an irony. I remembered started blogging when I started reading Grouser’s blog. Got influenced by her to start blogging. And, yes u got it, not long after, I got myself this domain. But the only thing I do with it, is blogging (with 3 urls thus far).

Currently working in a digital agency, means my job scope is so digital that my babies are published on the internet. Sometimes work has gotten me so tired of the internet that I don’t feel like blogging (but I still LOVE reading blogs).

I’ve not been a fan of publishing my blog to public – this blog has been kept private from search engines since day 1. With the move to publish it on, I wonder how different it can be. More people have access to this blog now, be it via search engine or via, does that mean my blog content has to be changed?

Shall see how it goes. When there comes a day I want to hide away from too much publicity..

Plurk Sushi Outing

Finally had a chance to meet up with newly-found friends on Plurk!

Dinner location was nearby office – Ichiban Boshi @ Esplanade.

4 of us were early, with the rest reaching only after 7pm.

Interesting group of people, all most of them knowing one another from, while I got to know them through Plurk, Hendri otherwise.

Nice time laughing at the jokes, nice food.

Thanks Daphne Maia for organising!

And here are the attendees:

Ridzuan, Hendri, Janellee, Krisandro, Khaosd, |||Sylv|||, Wenderella, DaphneMaia

Plurk Sushi Outing

Post edit: I’m very surprised. This entry at can get 8 pongs! Wow..

你 不是真正的快樂 by Mayday

人 群中 哭著  你只想變成透明的顏色
你再也不會夢 或痛  或心動了
你已經決定了  你已經決定了

你 靜靜 忍著  緊緊把昨天在拳心握著
而回憶越是甜 就是  越傷人了
越是在 手心留下 密密麻麻 深深淺淺 的刀割

  你不是真正的快樂  你的笑只是你穿的保護色
  你決定不恨了  也決定不愛了

這 世界 笑了  於是妳合群的一起笑了
當生存是規則 不是 你的選擇
於是妳 含著眼淚 飄飄盪盪 跌跌撞撞 的走著

  你不是真正的快樂  你的笑只是你穿的保護色
  你決定不恨了  也決定不愛了

  你不是真正的快樂  你的傷從不肯完全的癒合
  我站在你左側  卻像隔著銀河
  難道就真的抱著遺憾一直到老了 然後才後悔著

     你值得真正的快樂  你應該脫下你穿的保護色
     為什麼失去了  還要被懲罰呢
     能不能就讓 悲傷全部 結束在此刻 重新開始活著

I know..

Yes I know.. I’ve not been posting regularly these days. The last proper update was one month ago.

But there are times I want to blog, yet was feeling lazy. Lack of motivation to edit the photos taken during company’s Away Day.

As usual in almost all my posts, many thoughts came but difficult to pen them down. Just not my style to blog about stuff that are too personal, or stuff that might spoil the very-nice-girl-next-door image that many of you have of me.

Have been clearing leave, since they can’t be brought forward to next year. I thought these 5 days was a good break. Really had the chance to relax, popped by lele’s house coz I missed him, fixed some pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that I bought 6 years back, cleared more episodes of a show that I’m currently watching. Spent the whole sunday night till this morning 6am helping friend with his school assignment. Felt tired but it was a good feeling. How I wish real life applications are as easy as those assignments.

Managed to have a good chat with the friend as well, another friend whom we seldom meet but yet still able to chat and discuss on issues I don’t usually do with others. Feels good. It’s like the burden being lightened.

Reflections done over the past 5 days as well. If I’ve not been a good friend, or a good cousin, don’t tell me. Haha.. I know I’m not a good sister, so there’s no need to add on to the list.

I’ve come to terms that life is really fragile. Finally gotten out of the depression period, something which I wouldn’t want to go through again. Six months of torture is enough. No more!

All I want now, is for the small boy to be able to have a smooth transition as he embarks on his new journey to primary school. It had been tough persuading him to wear his hearing aid, now that he’s used to it, next step is to help him cope with school. I know we can do it. He can do it. Coz he’s loved by all of us.

Enough rantings for now. Time to get ready for work tomorrow.

半生熟 by 品冠 & 戴佩妮

品冠 & 戴佩妮 – 半生熟






An Example from the textbook

Teacher: 한국말이 어떻습니까? han gug mal i eo deoh seup ni ga? (How is Korean?)

Me: 한국말이 좀 어렵습니가. han gug mal i sam eo syeop seup ni da. (Difficult!)

下一個天亮 by 郭靜

郭靜 -下一個天亮
曲:陳小霞 詞:姚若龍

用起伏的背影 擋住哭泣的心
有些故事 不必說給 每個人聽
許多眼睛 看的太淺太近
錯過我沒被看見 那個自己

用簡單的言語 解開超載的心
有些情緒 是該說給 懂的人聽
你的熱淚 比我激動憐惜
我發誓要更努力 更有勇氣

等下一個天亮 去上次牽手賞花那里散步好嗎

等下一個天亮 把偷拍我看海的照片送我好嗎

用簡單的言語 解開超載的心
有些情緒 是該說給 懂的人聽
你的熱淚 比我激動憐惜
我發誓要更努力 更有勇氣

等下一個天亮 去上次牽手賞花那里散步好嗎

等下一個天亮 把偷拍我看海的照片送我好嗎

請容許我 小小的驕傲

等下一個天亮 去上次牽手賞花那里散步好嗎
等下一個天亮 把偷拍我看海的照片送我好嗎

Plantar Fasciitis

A visit to the doc revealed that I’m suffering from Plantar Fasciitis.

Auntie Wiki says:

Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition of the foot caused by excessive wear to the plantar fascia that supports the arch or by biomechanical faults that cause abnormal pronation. The pain usually is felt on the underside of the heel, and is often most intense with the first steps of the day.

And that explains the pain that I’ve been silently suffering from for the past year.

Yes I seriously need to lose more weight.

Obesity, weight gain, jobs that require a lot of walking on hard surfaces, shoes with little or no arch support, and inactivity are also associated with the condition.

Thankfully no x-ray is needed, as the initial suspicion was another condition.

Will be well after some medication!