It’s just not the day(s) week

It’s just not the day

First was Wed, when I was supposed to meet peeps from NHAA for dinner. Flew them aeroplane at the last minute ‘coz my poor eyes had been complaining the whole day, I decided to give the dinner a miss and rest early for the night. Ended up leaving office only at 10pm and worked from home till 3.30am.

It’s just not the day

Thurs night was spent at Wala Wala for Carolyn S’s birthday celebration. Ended up going there late and missed the first set of The UnXpected’s music. Initially wanted to order my fav drink there, but ended up ordering a glass of coke that cost 6 bucks.

It’s just not the day

On Friday morning, I thought I tasted blood. Didn’t bother about it until I cleared my nose. Dried mucus is fine, but it wasn’t the usual pale yellowish colour, but dark red. Almost got scared to death, why a sudden nose bleed?! Left the issue aside, since I was feeling pretty ok. Supposed to meet Fayanne for dinner @ 7, which later changed to 7.30pm. Called her at 7.30pm and she was still in queue for her iPhone. Decided to pop by Bugis and meet my buddies first (which I’m glad I did coz I get to eat some food). When I reached Somerset @ 9pm, dear Fayanne was still in queue. Feeling tired (from not enough sleep over the past few days) and hungry, I don’t think I’d want to wait another hour so I went home instead. Sorry Fayanne!

It’s just not the day

Tried clearing nose in the morning again, and there’s a little bit of blood in the mucus. Thankfully that’s the last trace of blood that can be found. I think I’m alright. Originally planned to go for Yoga class today, but shelved the plan coz I had headache. Went straight for badminton instead. At the void deck of the neighbouring block, the workers (for the lift upgrading) were keeping the cables – they were pulling it on the floor. Coz it was raining, I had to walk at the area where they were pulling the cables, and the cable ran across my toes! Sigh. On the way to the bus stop, the sheltered pathway was blocked, so had to use the temporary unsheltered path. One of the concrete blocks was loosened and I stepped on muddy water! 🙁

It’s just not the day

Sometime during the week, I realised I lost 2kg of weight. For no reason. Though I’d much like the weight to be reduced, that’s not the way. Thankfully I’m starting to gain the weight back.

This week had been an “eventful” one. With so many “it’s just not the day”, I have to say


Next week will be better, I hope.


I simply don’t understand, people who say they are broke, yet can afford to go for overseas trip.

And who’s more broke?

Yours truly here has had her passport last stamped in May 2006, and all the stamps are for trips across the causeway, the furthest KL.

No complaints. No point doing comparison when everyone’s family financial situation is different.

Nevermind! When I’ve all debts cleared in 2010, I’ll be a freeman at last.