Happy (belated) Birthday Singapore!

Why do I keep getting the impression that Singaporeans are nothing but spoilt brats?


Please don’t compare our glorious NDP to the Olympics opening. Two different occasions, two different locations, two different countries. Obviously they have the money to do a glam show. If we were to have fireworks only once every 4 yrs, you think ours will not be any grand?

Be proud. No matter how small we are, it’s still a nice place to be in.


Had been an eventful day, despite spending my precious weekend in office.

Decided to invest in a proper face-care regime, nonchalent about the big hole in my pocket now. 😐

080808 had been a good day, my first assignment as an XM Clubber, TGIF went smoothly. Plus May cycle of the company had been approved, with yours truly here being one of those affected 😀 Nevermind if you don’t understand.

As time passes today, there was a small(?) sense of excitement. Thanks to XZ, finally figured out how to make use of the little & 5 yrs old Canon Powershot A80.

The office building is just opposite where NDP was held. Pretty good view of the fireworks! Glad I made the choice to stay, took over hundred photos! Visit my flickr to view those that are the nicer ones. Quite a lot of blurred photos. Sigh. It’s a good attempt though, first time using the manual settings of the camera =)

One of my favourites:

I saw this online. So pretty!!!!

Compared to the one I took:

I must clarify, the fireworks photos, would have been better if not for the smoke. Not condensation on the window panes!