Congratulations Singapore!

Woohoo~ We’re finally getting a medal after 48yrs!

An internal email was sent out at 2.30pm titled “History in the making”.

Xbox area has became the official spot to watch Table Tennis Women Team Semifinals LIVE. (While I catch the scores LIVE online)

5pm. TGIF. Wanted to play Wii, but the gang was still at xbox area. Ended up joining them to watch the matches.

Excited. The Singapore Sporit! The XM spirit! We were all so excited during the match-point! Will we win or will we say bye-bye to the Gold/Silver medal once again?

Alas, the players did us proud! No doubt some people call them China-poreans, but it’s still great having a medal won under the name Singapore! WoohoO!!

The Korea team did great as well! If you’ve missed how the score went this afternoon. SG 1 point, KR 1 point. KR 1 point, SG will add 1 point as well. That’s how close we were.

Nevertheless, WOOTS! We’re guaranteed at least a Silver!

This sunday! Finals! I’m so gonna catch it live!

Jiayou girls! We’re all supporting you back here in Singapore!