The Doc.

Thanks Zifen for organising the bbq! Had a great time catching up with everyone!

With me losing on the mahjong table, as usual, and the bbq at night. Meeting friends whom I’ve not met for 2 months (sounds short but feels very long), catching up (more of gossip actually) with the girls, bringing back memories of the days in university.

Time flies, 1 year out of school now. Gatherings are getting more less frequent, due to everyone’s work comittment.  But it’s still great to have such closeness despite fewer meet-ups!

Friday night was originally intended to stay late in office (to work) and catch the F1 practice race live. A last minute decision to meet LW for dinner at Suntec, and we managed to get back to my office just in time for the last practice session!

Feels exciting to see the cars driving faster & faster at the bends, with one almost crashing onto the barrier (thankfully the racer did a break in time) and one missing the turn and went forward (which the racer did a quick u-turn back onto the race track). The sounds of the VROOM VROOM is just so exciting! Even though I’ve been hearing it since 3pm from the first practice race.

The only (okay there are two actually) down thing about watching it from office is, I can’t see speeds of 300km/h as the view has got more bends (with one at acute angle) than the other half of the race track, as well as there’s no commentator. So there’s no way you’ll know what’s actually going on, and you can’t see the pit stop. 🙁 Which is partly the reason why I think I’d wanna spend my birthday night at home than at office, ‘coz I can catch the race live on tv with more closeup shots.

At the end of the practice race, the two ladies decided to walk out of the ERP zone to catch a cab home – to save on that $3 city surcharge, and spending the $ on cab fare because we were both carrying our work laptops, which if you’ve known, mine weighs a bomb, literally. It’s almost 3kg. I’m getting so used to carrying it to and fro work that my shoulders ache everyday. And my poor feet too.

Oh I’m getting a little bit random here, to end off the entry.

There was this time when I hitched a ride home with my girlfriend and her partner., with a slight detour to her colleague’s place to pick up some stuff. And according to my girlfriend, who told me only today, that colleague of hers actually asked if the friend-in-the-car is still single, and that he actually loitered a little bit longer after saying goodbye, trying to catch a better glimpse of the friend-in-the-car. Which later on I heard he wanted to introduce his friend to me. *faints* Theoretically I should feel honoured, but it feels weird for a married guy to say such stuff. hahaha

Ok that’s too random.

*cough* *cough*

Call me slow if you want.. but..

Pan Pacific general manager Ivan Lee told AFP several suites offering a view of parts of the track are priced from S$8,000 a night. Other rooms start from S$950 (S$1,356).

SGD8k a night?!?!?!?!

Here’s the route of the F1 Singapore

Freaking pissed

I’m feeling so pissed off

Dumbo this cms that I’m using for this project

Dumbo me for forgetting I can’t ftp to production server from home

Dumbo me for being slow in Korean class coz I forgot to do homework

And it all started because of F1. If not for F1, I wouldn’t have waited 40mins for my bus (the bus service is affected by the road closures) just now which totally screwed my mood.

And I had to rush thru my dinner and rushed off for class.

Conclusion? Dumbo F1. Dumbo projects. Everything had to be due on the same day. How worse can it get?

newly-found long-lost friend

A long-lost senior found on facebook!

Thanks Ah Heng for uploading this video.. really brings back lots and lots of memories. I miss TP days 🙁

And this video.. TP mass dance! It’s still alive! Woohoo~


Yes yes I’m in procrastination mode.

Have uploaded the photos from the Away Day to my flickr, un-edited though. I wanted to edit, but seeing that my upload limit for the month is reaching soon, I shall wait till Oct to upload the edited ones. i.e. the blog post will only be up then? I’ve got part of the content drafted out though.. but can’t seem to find the mood to carry on.

The power of procrastination

Photos @ facebook

I did a batch-ed upload of photos taken during poly days to facebook.

Just how often do you get such a list of facebook alerts?



Back from company’s team building session @ Bintan!

Had a great time there!

Great meeting an old friend Loon, who happened to be one of our trainers!

More details when I’m in a more sober mood.

Just back from Misia’s concert. If you’ve missed it, you’ve missed out on the fun of it.

Ok too hungry and tired now. More when I’m awake.


For a moment I was wondering what’s wrong with the laptop, the touchpad’s scrolling doesn’t work. Spent almost half an hour on it, and it’s back to normal!

Hmm my original plan was to blog more tonight, but after watching shows (both on tv and on the laptop), it’s already 0020hrs. Theoretically I should be sleeping, seeing that I need to wake up at 5am later. But my stomach’s giving me problems at this time. Argh.

Actually I do have stuff to blog this evening, seeing that I have the time to read newspapers (finally). But the blog was down and time was spent trying to fix it.

Anyway, going to try to sleep now. Hopefully I don’t get waken up by the stomach. Nights.

Shall and will blog when I’m back in Sg. Tada.

After a 3hour downtime

The blog’s finally back alive. Had troubles upgrading the wordpress, or rather, I should say, had trouble uploading the files.

A good 3hours of re-(and more re) uploading the files finally solved the problem. Woots~

Will blog when I’m back home.

I wonder what happened

Happily logged into to my blog dashboard, downloaded the latest version of wordpress.

Happily ftp-ed to the server, then to realise.. WHY IS THE WWWROOT DIRECTORY LISTING EMPTY?!?!

Think I spent the last 1 hour trying to figure out why.

Just emailed the tech support for help. Hopefully they can help me resolve!