While my mind is still fresh with the names..

had a great time playing Audition tonight!! Met great people! as in.. so pro! hahaha.. jiawen! i’m waiting for u!! quick!

if there’s fate, let us all meet again! lol.. 3 hrs in the game, played team choreo with the same ppl all the way. so cute! so we all became audition friends. why doesn’t audition hv the buddies’ list?? hahaha! let me see.. Milk, Klim, shadowtactic, benedog, st3phy, greatdancer. yeah! ltr on went to play couple dance, against milk n klim. so ciao! my partner is xicewaterx again! think i partnered him 2 nights ago. hahaha lots of chemistry between us tt nite, but 2nite i’m not up to standard. =( fingers numb from too much of dancing!!

oh fyi, Audition is a dancing game.. hahah 😛

oh Yix, I wasn’t blogging when u msg me.. lolx.. couldn’t alt+tab out of the game, will get dc. saw ur msg oni at 3am. ;p

no more playing! time to sleep! lolx!

( can see that I’m in quite a happy mood now yeah? great time 2nite! )

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