And I thought I was living in the palace..

Heh hey!!! I’m back home much much earlier than the guys bcoz I din stay for the chalet lah!

Think the guys are enjoying themselves now! ahahahha Wanna thank the guys for organising this chalet! And special thanks to them for making us girls feel like princess-es tonight! Yeah man.. the world has changed! It’s no longer the girls standing by the pit doing the bbq-ing. *winkz*

All we girls did.. were to arrive promptly, sit at the table, wait for food to be served, get entertained by the guys while drinking some wine, while having the guys taking turns to fan us. whaahhahaha! Shiok eh!

Alright! Some photos I took with my camera!

The wines that we drank..

Being bo-liao, I got Henry to pose for the camera while eating the ice-cream! *lolx*

There should be more photos.. wait till the guys get back from the chalet!