habits.. are they really hard to change?

Was about to log off when I decided to just pop by Cruz Teng’s blog. When I visited it in the evening, there was only this article and 2 comments.. The entry was about LingZhi’s last day @ 933. The number of comments shot up to 70 at last check.

If you guys have been listening to 933 for many years now, LingZhi’s the creator of Music Diary, which happened to be my die-die-also-must-listen programme of 933.

Read through all the 70 comments.. Every1’s talking about the same thing.. not going to get used to w/o hearing LingZhi’s voice on air.

Actually a couple of months back, when I heard LingZhi said she had made a decision that might affect her future, I kind-of suspected that she’s leaving the station.

Reading through the 70 comments.. a thought suddenly came to me. When it becomes a habit to do something, is it really that hard to change it? We’re all used to hearing Cruz & LingZhi’s combi on air. They have lots of chemistry and always bring laughter to the listeners. I’m not saying that I’m affected by LingZhi’s absence on air lah.. But looking at the response at Cruz’s blog, it seems like most listeners got too used to hearing the same voices on air.

hmmz.. just what exactly am I trying to say here?

(ponders.. think I’m getting too tired)

Will definitely miss hearing LingZhi’s voice on air. Wishing LingZhi all the best 😉