bugs and shyt

It’s Tuesday!!

Woke up at 10! Sounds fortunate to be able to wake up this late? Haahaa.. Started doing housework! Other than a 10min lunch break, I just had the time to sit down and rest! Decided to clear up the mess of bugs that grew in the kitchen. They appeared from the box of vermicelli on top of the microwave! OMG! Can you imagine the whole cloth ( that was covering the microwave ) full of the bugs? :S

After clearing this mess, I saw.. lizard shit behind the microwave! -_-” In the end, I cleared the whole area, wiped thoroughly with DETTO. And yes.. the whole kitchen now smells of it. LOL.

Think I’m making a trip to NTUC later. The place which sells Cadbury chocolate the cheapest! I know quite a number of people are waiting for my Cornflakes Rocher. Hahah.. pai seh ah.. been busy after exams! Once the bedsheet are changed, I’ll take a quick shower and off I go! Hopefully you’ll get to see the cookies tomorrow? Keep your fingers crossed! =X

And yes.. my new resolution! Do more housework! A good way to keep the lazy me feel satisfied that at least I did SOMETHING. And no.. I DO NOT offer any services to do housework for you!

If you’ve realised..

that there’s finally a background song! Ever since the previous song link died, I didn’t have any time to search for new songs.

Introducing you to this talented singer from Taiwan. Evan Cai. First heard of him at my last KTV trip. Heard that he knows how to play several musical instruments. This song wo ke yi is nice ^^

I almost forgot..

16 Dec is a happening day.

2E4 is gg Kukup!!! Ahh!!!! But I’m going for the Fencing Clinic!

Gus wanted to join me! But his brother is coming back SG on the 16th!

Reenz is gg with me!! Yay!! Fenz are you on? lolx

More details on the Fencing Clinic:
Date: 16 Dec
Time: 9am – 12noon
Venue: Clementi Sports Hall
Cost: $15 per person

Let me know if you’re going with me! =)

dead tired

Back from Singapore Fitness Expo Sports & Fitness Expo! Oh man I’m so tired! Think it’s the 2nd continuous day of standing and talking. Legs tired. Throat hurts. Awwwww…

But it was fun! I tried a less than 1min competition and went ALMOST breathless. lol!

I first stepped into the hall with ZERO knowledge on Fencing yesterday. And now, though I won’t claim I know EVERYTHING, I can at least answer simple questions related to Fencing! Oh please do NOT ask me anything about HISTORY. Hahhaha! My knowledge on Fencing is 90% from OBSERVATION. 10% from the posters around the booth. xD I’m so observant!

Another shou1 huo4 I got, is that I made new friends! And how they make me feel that I’m so much older! Most of them are around 15 – 18 yrs old. =X Their attitude towards things made me wonder if I was like them 10 years ago. I hope I wasn’t.

This event allowed me to see the different types of people. As I was managing the games section, and there’s gifts if you manage to hit the requirement. I’m flexible, if you never manage to complete the game, I’ll still give the gift for your effort! But then.. some aunties will ask “ei give me that doll lah.. you very selfish leh!” HELLO!!! You came for THREE CONSECUTIVE DAYS, and play for the WHOLE DAY!!! How many dolls do you want?! And you want so many for f***? I’m not a psychologist, I can’t analyse why you’re behaving this way, though I can understand why a kid would always appear at my booth and say “jiejie I want to play” for 3 consecutive days. Kids like this usually are those who are trying to seek attention, so it’s understandable.

I think I’m bias against adults. LOL.. Not that I’m not, but hey! Everyone around at the booth thought I’m a secondary school student!! xD

Enough of everything about fencing now. ahha.. Thank you Dennis for introducing me to the sport! =D


Had my first try at Fencing today! Fun!! It’s gonna be a new sport that I’m going to pick up. LOL.. It’s fun fun fun!!

Oh, if you sign up for the Standard Chartered marathon there, the bag they give you upon registration entitles you to a 20% discount at Addidas booth!

Helping out tmr as well. And ya.. I’m going for the Fencing Clinic ( introductory to fencing ) on 16 Dec! xDDD

no rest?

Exams over, but I didn’t have time to rest!

Left house at 9+am > Bishan for training > back home to take a short break > left house to settle my sis’s sec 1 admission matters > sent her home > suntec to meet Grouser & Becs > home only at 11pm.

lolx.. short and sweet. Oh got a piece of good news today! There’s going to be a new addition to the group of kids who call me auntie. The group who CANNOT call me jiejie coz their mums are of my generation. lolz.. It’s a big hint that I’m getting old..

Oh I’ll be down at Suntec for the next 3 days for the sports & fitness event. Do come and join us if you’re free! =D FYI, the Sexpo exhbition is just next door. =X

Whee I’m back!!!

Exams over! While I’m glad that they’re over AT LAST, I’d rather my exams end later. KO-ed after yesterday’s paper, slept all the way till 6+pm, before officially starting on my Cryptography revision at 9pm.

Went in not fully prepared this morning. Prepared to fail. But the paper turned out to be much easier than I thought, but I still don’t know how to answer the questions. lol

I’m grateful to my inner soul that I’m able to put down whatever unhappy incidents fast enough. Had a great time after my last paper today!!! Went Sakae Sushi for lunch with Jkai Jem & July. Wah all Js! KTV at Kbox Cineleisure. Dinner at Dan Ryans. keke! Civil Servants have a 2.2mth bonus this yr, on top of the 13th month. So dinner was on July. Thank you!!! xD

Time to get back to reality. Course training starts tomorrow. After that I’ll be posted to the CCs around Singapore for classes! Feeling excited, been a long time since I last took a class!

I’m resuming my FYP officially next week. Can’t slack anymore! Must at least produce something for supervisor to see! Looking forward to the busy holidays.

Trumatising experience

A sudden gush of water was heard in the middle of exams. I was in the Auditorium Foyer, sitting at the very first column, just beside the pantry. The sound amused me, so I looked up. Since the pantry was behind me and was out of bounds, it was obvious the sound didn’t come from there.

I saw .. water dripping from the seat that was immediate diagonal front on my left! OMG! THAT SEAT WAS OCCUPIED!!!! I thought it was the water dripping out from his water bottle since the guy seemed undisturbed. But still, I had no more mood to continue on the paper.

Towards the end of the exam, a smell that smelt like PORRIDGE was all around me. Which is extremely IMPOSSIBLE for anyone to bring in food whilst the exam is still in progress.

“Please stop writing…”

Few minutes later.. “You may now leave the examination hall”


OMG! He PEE-ED in the middle of the exam hall!! Ahhhh!!!!! How can that happen for such an easy paper?! He’d entirely spoilt my mood for the rest of my exam.


post-edit: I’ve received feedback that it sounds kua-zhang, but still, if it’s not what is described here, tell me the source of the water. =X

My mum says he might have weak muscles control. So let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for now.

Depression has silently sunk in

Without me knowing, depression has silently sunk in. For the 3rd consecutive paper, I went in confidently and came out depressed.

The 14 mosquito bites on the right leg and 8 bites on the left leg are getting more obvious on my already-not-nice legs. No more skirt / shorts out of home before they vanish!

Feeling lethargic. 6 consecutive papers ( excluding weekend ) is a killer. Right after today’s afternoon paper, I only had < 10 hours ( excluding sleeping time ) to do a final revision for tomorrow's morning paper. It is at times like this that I feel like giving up. Ahhhhhhhhh

gotta blog this down xD

After the last of my group of frens left school, I was left alone to fend for myself against the troop of mosquitoes at 10+pm. Another hour to go before the guys come school to fetch me for supper.

15minutes later, a group of guys came to join the battle. A bit late though.. I was already defeated by the troop. Both legs full of mosquito bites!! The guys came and they won the battle. Why? ‘Coz they brought along mosquito coil!! Ahhhh!!! If only they came earlier! Thanks for offering me one! Hahaha… Though too late for the already-defeated legs! Lesson learnt: if staying to study till late, BRING MOSQUITO COIL!!! =X

Supper! Went Foong Seng! Actually I wasn’t hungry. Hahaha.. dunno why everytime I go out for supper with the guys, I always had late dinners.. Kind-of made a wasted trip out, but it was a good way to keep myself awake and refraining from eating. Hahaha.. If I’m at home at that time, I’d have been searching for junk food. Thanks guys! xD

Can’t wait for exams to end. A few days break after that. Then it’s FYP and work!