I need the doc as well

If any1 had seen my MSN nick, my knee had been giving me problems since dunno-how-many-years ago. It was an on-off thing, so I didn’t bother about it.

Until 3 days ago, I had difficulty trying to bend my knee while bathing. ‘Coz it happened before, as usual, I didn’t think too much about it. But the pain has been there till now!

I know I’m only 25 years old.. but why am I getting the pains that only old people have? =(

Hai.. am at a loss of words. I had a quite happening day today, but with my baby in hospital, and this knee keep giving me problem, I’ve just no mood to talk about anything else.

hyper-active mode!

Thanks Cheryl.. u had to remind me that ur EOYs are over when mine hasn’t even start! -_-

Came back real late tonight, almost missed 190’s last bus! Had a mini gathering at Fen’s house.. MJ session!!! I didn’t play lah.. too many legs! Jiawen jio-ed to play Audition. Yeah I got Fen to play as well! Another playing khaki!

Let me welcome my first non-Chinese reader of my blog. Najib! Ok there may be many more others, but unknown identity. So ya.. haha! Welcome Najib! *applause* Felt great to be back in contact with my pri sch fren! Same class for 4 yrs, lost touch after graduating frm pri sch. Met him once or twice 1-2 yrs back, but lost his contact number. -_- It was fate.. that I chose not to take a lift on Jerry’s bike last night. Met Najib on the bus! lolx!

I’m feeling so hyped now.. tired.. hungry.. not-so-stress.. can’t wait for tmr! My long awaited Lychee Martini! Zu has also proven that it’s nice! Can’t wait!

Going back NH for Mid-Autumn Festival tmr evening. Received an sms yesterday “see you guys there” =_= since I’ve got some bank statements sent to my house, I gotta pass to them as well.. haha.. still say I’m slow in doing things.. till now they also have yet to update the address of the treasurer in the bank account.. =|

Oh.. my 3-year old baby had been admitted into hospital. The doc says he have to do a thorough check to determine the problem before they can quote me the cost of the operation. =( This is the first time my baby has left my side. And it’ll be away for a week! Oh my poor camera!! How can I leave without you??