Dick Lee’s 30th Anniversary Concert 2004

edited 15 Oct 3pm
Okok I know this post had been up since last Thurs, but I’m adding in captions only now. Simply because I had been busy (mapling + watching House) =D

Saw these videos months back from somewhere, slipped my mind to post them here. Until JK sent me the link on Thurs. So here goes.

All these are excerpts from Dick Lee’s concert dvd. Simply so hilarious.

Hossan Leong’s snippet

Dick Lee himself

Count On Me Singapore – Dick Lee’s edited version (He’s the composer by the way)

We Are Singapore (He’s the composer as well)

Rasa Sayang! For those of you who took part in the mass Line Dance in 2004, this song definitely brings back memories! Remember the time spent rehearsing for this World Record. =)