Quarter-life crisis?

Ok fine.. I’ve got no updates for my Friday‘s post. Had a nice dinner with Aunt SY! Didn’t know there’s Pizza Hut @ Greenridge. wahahhaha! The other bday gal didn’t like me! boo! She loved my glass of Pepsi more than me! I think I took some photos of her enjoying Cousin Faith’s icecream. Somewhere in my phone. Wait till I upload it here. =D

Sat.. What did I do? Oh! BBQ @ Lee Wei’s house! Thanks LW’s mum & dajie for helping us prepare the food! Thanks LW for organising! 2nd year running. Last year we had Four Leaves’ cake @ Spizza Killiney branch. This year we had Chocolate Mousse cake from Emicakes! Nice! Had too much food, that we went up to her house trying to clear them all =

Sunday was restday as usual.

Monday night was bad. Real bad. So bad that my eyes were still weary & swollen on Tues morning. So bad that my eyes still pained on Tues night.

This morning was bad. None said, but all cleared by lunch.

Have been trying to logon to my office mailbox for the past minutes, but the loading is much slower than usual. How to get work done? =

Have been feeling pretty down these days, with the many things all happening (probably not, but I’m now reading between all the lines that have been said) at the same time. Trying to untie the knot within myself. Answers I’m giving myself, to questions that I’ve had for quite sometime. Leaving things as it is, not forcing things to happen my way, but to find a light that can bright up my path.

Quarter-life crisis. Oh when will it all end?

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